The European Union is a supra-national behemoth with a complicated power structure consisting of an elected parliament, a council of appointed power players, and a whole host of Commissaries.

The top three jobs are the EU Commissioner, now in the hands of Ursula von der Leyen seeking re-election, the European Council President with outgoing Belgian Charles Michel and the ‘High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy’ a.k.a. top diplomat, currently the Spaniard Joseph Borrell.

If that is not confusing enough, there is also a Presidency of the EU, a job that rotates among the member countries’ leaderships.

While it’s generally understood that the post holds little real power, it allows the president to address its national priorities as top priorities on Europe’s agenda.

The EU Globalist leaders have been in a bit of a panic that the rotation now falls upon Hungary, the great EU bête-noire.

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So, when Viktor Orbán’s populist government announced that the its upcoming presidency will be held under the motto ‘Make Europe Great Again’, heads are exploding.

Hungary’s EU Affairs Minister János Bóka tried to deflect away from the obvious implications, as he outlined Budapest’s program and ambitions for its six months at the helm of bloc.

Associated Press reported:

“’It actually shows manifest the expectation that together we should be stronger than individually, but that we should be allowed to remain who we are when we come together’, he told reporters.”

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Despite all Bóka’s attempts to deny, conservative champion Orbán is a faithful ally of Trump, and – if that was not anathema enough – has also keeps a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In February, Orbán said: ‘We can’t get involved in another country’s elections, but we would really like President Donald Trump to return to the presidency and make peace here in the eastern half of Europe’. It was a reference to the U.S. election in November.

Even then, Orbán was borrowing from Trump’s popular slogan to describe his plans for Hungary’s EU presidency. ‘Make Europe great again!” he said. “MAGA there, MEGA here’.”

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He has taken to social media to complain about mainstream parties securing the bloc’s top jobs despite far-right gains in France and Germany in the EU parliament elections.

“’The will of the European people was ignored’ Orbán posted on X. Centrist parties, which held onto their majorities in the parliament, ‘don’t care about the results of the European elections, and they don’t care about the will of the European people’.”

Hungary’s EU presidency will focus on several conservative agenda points: economic competitiveness and growth, boosting the defense industry, more efficient border controls, a ‘merit-based’ EU enlargement policy and ‘farmer-oriented agricultural policy’ (a.k.a. goodbye ‘Green New Deal’), among other issues.

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