Globalist poster boy, and former Rothschild banker, French President Emmanuel Macron can be rightfully credited as one of the main architects of the decadence of Europe, by accepting and amplifying the failed, crippling policies emanating from Brussels, such as abortion and euthanasia, unchecked mass migration and climate alarmism, to name but a few.

Now, as his party is headed for a crushing defeat in the upcoming European elections, Macron tries to pass himself as a voice for the salvation of the old continent.

He has given what he believes to be a landmark speech, saying that Europe ‘must rise to the challenges of a changed world and scale up its defense’.

He further warned that the EU was ‘not sufficiently armed’ to take on global threats such as Russia’s war in Ukraine.

France24 reported:

“‘Our Europe today is mortal and it can die’, said Macron. ‘It can die and this depends only on our choices’, he noted. ‘We need to build this strategic concept of a credible European defense for ourselves’.”

Macron says an ‘uninhibited’ Russia has no longer any clear limits, while also criticizing the disrespect of global trade rules, calling on the European Union to ‘revise its trade policy’.

“‘Our Europe, today, is mortal and it can die. It can die and this depends only on our choices’, said Macron, warning that Europe was ‘not armed against the risks we face’ in a world where the ‘rules of the game have changed’.”

Macron called for ‘European sovereignty’, with an autonomy in defense and the economy.

“‘How can we build our sovereignty, our autonomy, if we don’t assume the responsibility of developing our own European defense industry?’ he asked. Europe ‘must show that it is never a vassal of the United States and that it also knows how to talk to all the other regions of the world’, he said.”

Macron pretends to be a voice for European salvation.

Europe needs cyber defense and cybersecurity capabilities, he added.

A ‘revision’ of EU trade policy is needed, since China and the US are ‘no longer respecting the rules of global commerce’.

“Macron’s speech comes as his party is facing embarrassment in June European Parliament elections, ranking well behind the far right in opinion polls and even risking finishing third behind the Socialists, and as the EU is drawing up its new strategic agenda for 2024-2029.”

Macron’s centrist coalition are polling much lower than Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN), while the Socialists are now vying for second place.

RN will call for parliament to be dissolved if Macron’s Renaissance party and its allies suffer a crushing defeat.

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