Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in many ways, is your average European Globalist.

But he also has marked a difference in his dealings with nationalist European voters and populist leaders like Donald Trump.

Now, Rutte is almost universally mentioned as the leading candidate to be the new NATO Secretary General.

The military alliance is in a pivotal moment in its trajectory, and strong leadership is needed in the North Atlantic landscape.

The United States, Britain, France, and Germany are all reportedly backing Rutte to succeed Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, leaving him in a strong position to get the post.

Reuters reported:

“‘President (Joe) Biden strongly endorses PM Rutte’s candidacy to be the next Secretary General of NATO’, a U.S. official said.

‘PM Rutte has a deep understanding of the importance of the Alliance, is a natural leader and communicator, and his leadership would serve the Alliance well at this critical time’.”

The Netherlands’ longest-serving leader, Rutte maintained good relationships with British, European Union, and U.S. leaders – including Trump – during his tenure.

“At the weekend, Rutte urged European leaders to ‘stop moaning and whining and nagging’ about Trump and focus instead on what they could do to bolster defense and help Ukraine.

Backing Rutte, the British Foreign Office said he was a well-respected figure across NATO with serious defense and security credentials, and someone who would ensure it remained strong and prepared for any need to defend itself.”

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Dutch PM Rutte Urges European Leaders to ‘Stop Moaning and Whining and Nagging About Trump’, Says NATO Has to ‘Work With Whoever Is on the Dance Floor’

The UK has also backed Mark Rutte to steer Nato as the military alliance’s next secretary-general.

Telegraph reported:

“The Dutch prime minister has ‘serious defense and security credentials’ to lead the transatlantic organization, a UK official announced on Thursday.”

Rutte is set to be named as successor to Stoltenberg as early as April 4th, when Nato marks its 75th anniversary at a meeting in Brussels.

“’The UK strongly backs Dutch PM Mark Rutte to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as Nato secretary-general’, the official said.

‘Rutte is well-respected across the Alliance, has serious defense and security credentials, and will ensure that the Alliance remains strong and ready to defend and deter’.”

Trump’s common sense comment about the need for NATO countries to invest the minimum agreed amount of 2% of the GDP in defense sent liberals and Globalists in a panic.

This makes the pragmatic Rutte an even greater asset.

“He is also known for not talking down nationalist voters, as some of his more liberal European colleagues have done to those backing Mr Trump and Brexit. In 2019, Mr. Rutte condemned a ‘white wine-sipping elite’ for criticizing Mr. Trump’s attacks on international organizations, such as Nato, the EU and WTO.”

Reportedly, more than 20 allies have publicly or privately voiced support for Rutte.

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Dutch PM Rutte Urges European Leaders to ‘Stop Moaning and Whining and Nagging About Trump’, Says NATO Has to ‘Work With Whoever Is on the Dance Floor’

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