On Friday, the House voted 273 to 147 in favor of extending Section 702 of FISA, a provision originally enacted in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

This legislation permits U.S. agencies to monitor foreign targets abroad but has come under scrutiny for its implications and past misuse in surveilling American citizens. The vote displayed a uniparty alliance, with 147 Democrats and 126 Republicans supporting the bill, while 88 Republicans and 59 Democrats opposed it.

The approved legislation proposes a two-year extension for the surveillance program.

Rep. Mary Miller (R-Illinois) stated her opposition, referencing past abuses: “I voted NO on reauthorizing FISA without a warrant requirement and serious reforms. FISA was misused by Obama to spy on the Trump campaign, and under Biden, to monitor his critics, including Tucker Carlson.”

An amendment was proposed by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), which would have required a warrant for the FBI to conduct surveillance on Americans under FISA. The floor vote resulted in a tie vote of 212-212. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) then broke the deadlock by casting the tie-breaking vote against the amendment, a move criticized by grassroots supporters.

Johnson betrayed Americans and defied the US Constitution.

Worse yet, less than 24 hours later Mike Johnson posted on X about America’s founding principles — after giving the regime power to spy on any American at will!

The man is either clueless or passive-aggressive as hell.

This did not go over well with Republican voters – especially after his actions on Friday.

Johnson was ratioed on X with 3500+ comments and only 1400 likes. It wasn’t even close.

You abandoned them weeks ago when you handed the democrats $1.3 trillion dollars and yesterday when you allowed Americans to be spied on without a warrant.

You sold out America and its people.

— Gunther Eagleman (@GuntherEagleman) April 13, 2024

He’s just trolling us now. I am way more angry at speaker Johnson than I ever have been about any democrat.

— Michael Vincent (@mvincent61_123) April 13, 2024

More comments…

The Fourth Amendment is one of the founding principles you are throwing under the bus.

— OutbackSheila (@OutbackSheIdaho) April 13, 2024

This was bad timing, Speaker!

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