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The Gateway Pundit reported on the violent anti-Israel protestors who attacked Jews outside the Adas Torah synagogue located in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

One couple decided that a violent, hate-filled pro-Hamas protest was the perfect weekend outing for their toddler.

During the chaos, as pro-Hamas protestors attempted to block the entrance to the synagogue, pro-Israel protestors came out to counter them and attempted to block a Range Rover from entering a gas station across the street.

@LosAngeles_Scan shared video on social media showing a woman appearing out of the car’s sunroof, brandishing a Palestine flag in one hand and shouting at the counter-protesters.

— Los Angeles Scanner (@LosAngeles_Scan) June 23, 2024

Additional video shows the woman continuing her verbal assault and flipping off the crowd while waving a keffiyeh.

This just happened

— Los Angeles Scanner (@LosAngeles_Scan) June 23, 2024

LAPD officers in full riot gear intervened and approached the vehicle with guns drawn, shouting, “Put your hands up. Get out of the car now. Ma’am, step out of the car.”

The two adults got out of the car and surrendered while an officer removed the terrified toddler, who was clad in a keffiyeh, out of the back seat of the car and removed him from the chaos.

A terrified child is removed from the violence of an Anti-Israel protest in LA. Image: Video screenshot/@LosAngeles_Scan/X

What happened to taking your toddler to Disneyland?

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