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The Danish Medicines Agency has warned that chronic hives is a possible side effect of the Moderna mRNA injection.

Remember how we were bombarded by the media and “the experts” that the brand new mRNA shots were completely SAFE and EFFECTIVE?

That was a phrase that we heard repeated over and over again.

But some people were skeptical and warned that there could be side effects. They were quickly branded by the media as “crazy conspiracy theorists”.

Turns out that they were right after all…

Now the Danish Medicines Agency has come out saying that chronic hives is a possible side effect of the Moderna Spikevax vaccine, and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is in agreement with the Danish findings.

The study found that people were most likely to get chronic hives 7-13 days after receiving their 3rd dose of Moderna vaccine.

It was found that people who got the injection had a 3 times higher risk of developing chronic hives than the rest of the population. They also say that especially young men are more likely to get this side effect.

What is interesting is that the Danish warned all the way back in 2021 that they found a signal that chronic hives could be a result of the Moderna vaccine, but there wasn’t enough data to confirm.

In Norway, they actually recommended against the Moderna vaccine for men under the age of 30 because of the risk of myocarditis. Did you hear anything about that on the news?

So it is now official.

The Moderna vaccine was not safe.

The media and the experts were wrong once again.

Independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen has dedicated years to reporting the things the mainstream media ignores. You can follow him at

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