The constitutional crisis in Poland is ongoing, with new Globalist Eurocentric PM Donald Tusk fighting to dismantle all vestiges of the conservative PiS rule.

Tusk’s mandate and objective is to make Poland bow to every failed EU policy; from the LGBT agenda to unchecked mass migration, passing through the crippling ‘green’ policies.

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In Tusks path of destruction are pwo Polish opposition politicians that have been pardoned TWICE by the same alleged offenses from 10 years ago.

Former interior minister Mariusz Kaminski and his deputy Maciej Wasik are mixed in a controversy over whether they can sit in parliament after their criminal convictions.

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Today, (6) they scuffled with security outside the assembly as they tried to enter the building.

Reuters reported:

“The dispute over whether the politicians – members of the former ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party – lost their parliamentary mandates when they were convicted of abuse of power threatens to paralyse Poland’s legislative process.

President Andrzej Duda, a PiS ally who pardoned both men, has vowed to send laws passed in votes in which they do not participate to court to check their compliance with the constitution.”

PM Tusk eyes Wasik, President Duda and Kaminski.

Kaminski and Wasik were jailed last month in a shocking raid inside the Presidential Palace, after being sentenced – yet again – for abuse of power in their previous roles.

The duo claimed to be ‘political prisoners’ and deny they had lost their parliamentary mandates.

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“They tried to push their way into parliament, supported by a group of senior Law and Justice (PiS) politicians. ‘We are MPs in accordance with the judgment of the Supreme Court’, Wasik told reporters.”

Parliament Speaker Szymon Holownia:

“Mr Wasik and Mr Kaminski are not MPs pursuant to the judgment of the District Court in Warsaw, nothing has changed. They will not be let in, they will not vote, they will not take part in the work of the parliament.”

The problem right now in Poland is that different courts have issued contradictory rulings in their cases, and Tusk and his people pick and choose which rulings they want to follow.

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President Duda had pardoned both politicians after they were first sentenced in 2015, and pardoned them again in January.

Politico reported:

“Duda and Law and Justice leaders insist that the two are still MPs, despite a decision by Szymon Hołownia, the speaker of parliament, to declare their seats vacant as the Polish constitution bars people with a conviction from serving as a deputy.

‘The fight that Maciej and I are fighting is not a private issue of ours’, Kamiński told reporters after parliamentary security prevented them and their backers from entering the legislature. He added that Hołownia’s decision barring him and Wąsik is ‘a crime against democracy. The parliament is sitting with an unconstitutional number of deputies’.

‘You will not rule forever. For each of these criminal actions that you take directly against us, but actually against democracy in our country, you will be brought to justice’, Kamiński said.”

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