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The state of Vermont made unfortunate history this week by becoming the first state in America to force oil and gas companies to pay penalties for “climate change” after arguably the worst GOP governor in America refused to issue a veto.

As Breitbart reported, S.259, which became law on Thursday, will establish a procedure to analyze the responsibility for greenhouse gas-related costs of any company that engaged in extracting fossil fuel or refining crude oil between  December 31, 2019, and January 1, 2000.

Moreover, the legislation will create the Climate Superfund Cost Recovery Program at the Agency of Natural Resources. This ridiculous new government function will seize money from oil and gas companies and redistribute the revenue to finance “climate change adaptive or resilient infrastructure projects in the state.”

Governor Phil Scott, a despicable never-Trumper who voted for Joe Biden in 2020, let the legislation become law without his signature despite the harmful impacts it will have or ordinary Vermonters.

But like a typical RINO, Breitbart notes Scott did make sure to issue a meaningless statement complaining about the state’s Democrats pushing the law through.

“Instead of coordinating with other states like New York and California, with far more abundant resources, Vermont — one of the least populated states with the lowest GDP in the country — has decided to recover costs associated with climate change on its own,” Scott whimpered.

I’m deeply concerned about both short- and long-term costs and outcomes,” he continued. “Just look at our unsuccessful nationally-focused cases on GMOs, campaign finance, and pharmaceutical marketing practices.”

Paul Burns, executive director of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, issued a written statement crowing about the new law:

For too long, giant fossil fuel companies have knowingly lit the match of climate disruption without being required to do a thing to put out the fire. Finally, maybe for the first time anywhere, Vermont is going to hold the companies most responsible for climate-driven floods, fires, and heat waves financially accountable for a fair share of the damages they’ve caused.”

The American Petroleum Institute warned that S. 259 “retroactively imposes costs and liability on prior activities that were legal, violates equal protection and due process rights by holding companies responsible for the actions of society at large; and is preempted by federal law.”

But Vermont Democrat State Representative Martin LaLonde, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, said he was confident the state would ultimately prevail even though “Big Oil” will fight the law in court.

“We know that Big Oil will fight this in the courts,” said LaLonde. “But, as an attorney myself, and having worked closely with many legal scholars in shaping the bill, I believe we have a solid legal case.

“Most importantly, the stakes are too high – and the costs too steep for Vermonters – to release corporations that caused the mess from their obligation to help clean it up.”

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