Screenshot: Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

In a recent appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” rapper and activist Michael Render, aka Killer Mike, made headlines by refusing to endorse Joe Biden for re-election in the upcoming presidential race against Donald Trump.

During the conversation, Maher probed Killer Mike for his opinion on the election.

Killer Mike stressed the need for voters to focus on the policies that will impact future generations rather than getting caught up in the cult of personality that often surrounds political figures.

“Pick your policy, not your person,” he advised, urging the public to pay attention to the policies proposed by all candidates, including those considered long shots in the race.

“This is not the Dallas Cowboys versus your favorite team. This is about the policies that will affect our generations for the next 20, 30, 40 years to come. So, close your eyes, guys. Listen to the policies that are being pushed, and pay attention even to the people who don’t have a chance of winning because they’re going to mention policies you may want to push. And I would say, do that, but make it policy-based,” he added.

“So that means you are for?” Maher asked.

“That means I’m for black people, and Happy Black History Month,” Killer Mike responded.

When pressed by Maher to choose a side between Biden and Trump, Killer Mike skillfully navigated away from a direct endorsement. Instead, he shared wisdom from his grandfather about avoiding involvement in “white folks’ business” and remained neutral while still expressing a preference for the policies of Bernie Sanders, whom he previously supported.

“This time, I’m going to keep my mouth closed. I still like the policy that the old man [Bernie] had that I was supporting. I would encourage people to find who’s supporting that policy and see what.”

“But you can’t get yourself to say ‘vote for Biden over Trump?’” Maher asked.

“You want me to list it now? Can he get himself to apologize for the [1994] crime bill? Can he get himself to get his head out of his ass and say ‘black people, you are black regardless? I need you to tell me what I need to do.’ Can he pick a coalition of former people who were affected by drug law, street gangs, recidivism and crime and say ‘I need you as a board to advise me how to fix federal prisons’? If he can do that, absolutely I can. So my challenge is out,” the rapper said.

In 2022, Killer Mike believes that Black people had a better opportunity to benefit from their vote under President Trump than they do under Joe Biden.


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