Joe Biden may find himself in legal trouble soon after a report from the Washington Free Beacon confirms he lied about the colorful incident that supposedly jumpstarted his political career.

As the Free Beacon notes, Biden has shared a false story “explaining” why he devoted his life to politics for almost two decades. He then repeated the bogus tale, even at the risk of facing criminal charges for lying to a federal agent, while speaking to Special Counsel Robert Hur in October 2023.

During his interview with Hur, Biden boasted that several “prestigious law firms” offered him a job out of law school. He accepted a position at the Prickett, Ward, Burt & Sanders law firm, claiming they offered him because of his “good looks.”

Biden then began working at Prickett in 1968. He said after a year at the firm senior partner William Prickett ordered him to draft a motion to dismiss a case against the firm’s client, Catalytic Construction Company.

A welder sued the company after he became engulfed in flames while working inside a Delaware plant’s chimney. Bidens said the working man lost his p*nis and one of his testicles as a result of the accident.

The Free Beacon reported:

Biden, in his telling, was tapped to defend a construction company sued by a 23-year-old welder who “lost part of his p*nis and one of his testicles” to a fire that broke out when he was working inside a chimney at a Delaware City plant. The injured man lost the case thanks to Biden’s “shrewd” legal defense on the construction company’s behalf.

Biden told Hur that, in his brief, he leveraged the welder’s failure to wear protective gear and argued the worker bore legal responsibility for his misfortune.

“I wrote this memo. And son of a b—, it prevailed,” Biden told Hur on Oct. 8. “And I looked over at that kid…and I thought, ‘son of a b*tch, I’m in the wrong business, I’m not made for this.’”

Biden said he was so wracked with guilt that he concocted an excuse to avoid a celebratory lunch with one of the firm’s named partners and walked into the public defender’s office to ask for a job that very day. It’s “the only time I ever lied,” Biden told Hur on Oct. 8. Thus began, according to a New York Times report on the special counsel interview, “a career that would one day take him to the White House.”

But this is all a big lie. The Free Beacon points out that while Biden worked at a law firm asked to defend a construction company involved in a negligence lawsuit, it ended back in 1968 while Biden was still in law school.

The Free Beacon reveals that Biden was referring to a story involving Joseph Januszewski, a welder for the Catalytic Construction Company. In May 1962, the then 56-year-old was working inside a chimney at the Stauffer Chemical plant in Delaware when “sparks from his torch apparently ignited a chemical substance used to clean water,” and he became engulfed in flames.

Januszewski lost his leg as a result, and he was wheelchair-bound until he died in 1972. It is unknown whether he lost all or part of his p*nis as well.

Moreover, Biden also fibbed about the ultimate victor in the case: Januszewski. He ended up walking away with $315,000 in damages.

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