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Fox News host Sean Hannity has sparked outrage among conservatives by attempting to get President Donald Trump to go easy on Biden’s Department of Justice. This comes despite Trump facing 94 politically motivated and baseless indictments.

In an exclusive interview on “Hannity,” President Donald Trump laid bare the unprecedented political persecution he faces and slammed the Biden regime’s catastrophic governance. As the nation teeters on the edge of crisis, Trump outlined his vision for restoring justice and reclaiming American greatness.

Trump did not mince words when addressing the litany of legal challenges hurled at him by the left. He detailed the baseless nature of the Georgia case, now on hold pending an appeal regarding DA Fani Willis’s disqualification.

Similarly, the DOJ’s shaky document case in Florida raises serious questions about the legitimacy of the special counsel’s appointment and the integrity of the evidence. Trump unequivocally asserts that these cases are nothing more than politically motivated witch hunts designed to sabotage his presidential campaign.

During the interview, Hannity asked Trump a direct question: “Will you pledge to restore equal justice, equal application of our laws, and this practice of weaponization? Is that a promise you’re going to make?”

Trump, who faces 94 fake indictments, which are politically motivated and without merit, responded with a strong sentiment about the current state of politics.

Hannity: Will you pledge to restore equal justice, equal application of our laws, and this practice of weaponization? Is that a promise you’re going to make?

Trump: You have to do it. But it’s awful. Look, I know you want me to say something-

Hannity: No, I don’t want you to say. I’m asking.

Trump: But I don’t want to look naive. What they’ve done to the Republican Party, they want to arrest on no crime. They want to arrest the person that won the nomination in a landslide. There was nobody even close in a landslide. The person that got millions of votes, more votes than any other sitting president in history in the last election, the person that won an election that he wasn’t expected to win against Hillary Clinton in 2016, they want to arrest that person on no crime. They want to arrest… There was no crime. There was no criminality. There was no crime. And you can go back to all of these legal scholars. They can’t believe what’s happening. Some of them don’t even like me, and they’re saying, “This is a very dangerous thing that’s happening.” No, we can’t let this happen. And I will do everything in my power not to let it. But there’s tremendous criminality here. What they’re doing to me, if it’s going to continue, we’re really not going to have much of a country.


Hannity’s line of questioning sparked outrage among many conservative viewers who felt Hannity was being too lenient on the Biden regime’s DOJ.

One user, Vince Lagman, voiced his frustration on social media, writing, “Listen to that snowflake Sean Hannity trying to get the guy facing 94 fake indictments to agree not to hold Biden Gestapo DOJ accountable when he gets back in office. Cowards like Hannity are exactly why Democrats have no fear of retribution!”

Another user expressed discontent: “What the hell is wrong with Hannity??? Every day he whines about the corruption of the Bidens and other Dems… And how there is a two-tiered justice system… And Now He Wants Trump To Go Easy On Them if Elected??????”

The sentiment was echoed by a third commenter, who wrote, “It’s driving me crazy. Why is he so hooked on Trump not getting so-called ‘retribution’? These people are committing crimes. Sean Hannity makes it sound like they are right and should not be punished for it!!!”

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