President Donald Trump made comments on Friday outside the courtroom before crooked Judge Arthur Engoron ruled on the bogus charges brought against him and the Trump family for taking out loans and repaying those same loans in the state of New York.

For some reason this is a crime in New York State.

President Trump told reporters that Letitia James should be criminally charges. He also said the Trump family and Trump businesses should be entitled to damages from the lies told about him in this New York courtroom.

And, once again, President Trump fired a warning shot at New York. If the crooked leaders in the Empire State believe they can prosecute and persecute businesses at will, they will soon lose those businesses. We will watch and see.

President Trump: “I think it’s a shame. She should be criminally liable for this.  She did this Exxon and they drove Exxon out of New York. Exxon paid billions of dollars of taxes. They’re now living in Texas. Exxon is very happy in Texas. Other companies, because of what is happening here, are going to be moving out of New York. This is an out of control Attorney General. She’s totally out of control. Those loans were all good. The banks were extremely happy with me. They still are. We built a great company. A company that is very liquid, very strong, with great assets. And she sued me because she wanted the publicity to run for office. And they found nothing wrong. Anybody who is being fair about it, and I’m not sure you can even hear me because they don’t allow microphones over here which is ridiculous, but if anybody is fair about this, they see this case should have never been brought and I think we should be entitled to damages.”

Via Trump on Truth.

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