Wisconsin Elementary School Teacher Madison Bergmann

A Wisconsin elementary school teacher was arrested on charges of first-degree child sex assault Wednesday after the victim’s parents found text messages with the 11-year-old 5th-grade student discussing their touching and “making out.”

Police also reportedly found a folder with the boy’s name on it, which contained handwritten notes between the victim and the teacher, Madison Bergmann, talking about their kissing.

Bergmann reportedly told police that she received the child’s phone number during winter break after the family invited her on a vacation to the Afton Alps. Per the New York Post, Bergmann’s social media shows that she became engaged to Sam Hickman the same month as the trip.

Bergman has since been put on administrative leave and barred from contacting any minors, including the victim.

Via Kare 11:

Right now, 24-year old Madison Bergman is out of jail. She’s out on a $25,000 signature bond. She’s charged with first degree child sex assault. Now, here’s how we got to this point. Police say that Bergman’s abuse of this fifth grade student came to light really just in a matter of days. The male victim’s parents found text messages between him and Bergman on Monday morning. Then on Wednesday, the parents brought those texts to River Crest Elementary School Administrators. Those texts include conversations about the two kissing, touching, making out.

Bergman was questioned on Wednesday. She told investigators she was given the child’s phone number after a trip to Afton Alps with the child’s family. She was then placed under arrest that very same day. Bergman’s been ordered to have no contact with the victim or with anybody under the age of 18. She’s also been ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device. She’s due back in court here in St. Croix County on May 30.

Sam Hickman, who was engaged to Bergmann this July, described the situation to a friend as “f*cked up.” The soon-to-be newlyweds have called their wedding off.

Per the New York Post:

Madison Bergmann and her betrothed, Sam Hickman, were due to tie the knot in July — but the revelation of her sick love affair with one of her 11-year-old students has halted any plans of a flowery ceremony.

“He says it’s f–ked up that she cheated with a little kid,” the friend told The Post.

“He’s really really hurt. Not talking too much about it, just like ‘this is f–ked up’.”

The 24-year-old teacher was busted after the victim’s parents found texts between the pair, according to charging documents.

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