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Newly discovered social media posts have shown that a radical-left government official in Maryland has uttered a series of racist statements and called for burning America to the ground as part of a revolution.

As Fox News reported, The City of College Park, Maryland, hired a “racial equity” leader named Kayla Aliese Carter in 2022 to lead its mission to eliminate “systemic racism.” Her role specifically calls for implementing a “racial equity” agenda across all city departments, which affects policies, practices, programs, and budgets.

The problem is she consistently promotes racism and has made statements promoting revolution against the United States. The header on her X account says the quiet part out loud: “I can’t wait for society to collapse so MY ideology can rise from the ashes!”

Here are some more examples of her hateful rhetoric captured by Fox News:

Why do Black people always have to rationalize our violence and anger?

Do y’all understand why the oppressed are constantly shamed out of using violence?? BECAUSE THE OPPRESSOR WANTS TO BE THE SOLE PROFITEER OF VIOLENCE. THEY DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH BACK TALK. ‘DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO’ FACE A–. No.

I hate when White children stare at me its literally terrifying so I just state back until they stop.

“The police ARE the White supremacists”

The outlet also notes Carter is working with fellow racial activists to plan “how we will eat and live and grow after we burn it (America) all down.”

Credit: Fox News

Carter is paid $75,600 to spew her hate as a government official. But she is bitter about having to work at all and blames capitalism. In one X post, Carter claimed she wanted to go back to “shilling drugs.”

Fox News also notes that back in January, Carter said she wanted to just lay in her bed.

I need a new job but the problem is that I don’t want to work I just wanna lay in my bed being a girl can anyone help me with this?

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