Perhaps serving as a bell weather for the rest of this election cycle, far left Portland, Oregon, is on pace to reject the last four years of district attorney Mike Schimdt’s “progressive” and “justice reform” policies, as voters have apparently chosen to replace him with only-regular-democrat-normal-left Nathan Vasquez.

As of Wednesday morning, the results of Tuesday’s primary show Vasquez leading Schmidt 56%-44%. They are “still counting ballots” so anything can still happen, especially as the “ballot dumps” and “computer glitches” seem to be the norm with these multi million dollar, state-of-the-art ballot counting systems.

Vasquez has served as a deputy DA in Multnomah County for many years, and, along with the majority of folks in the office, quickly became disillusioned with Schmidt’s pandering to known-violent criminals.

Schmidt was heavily supported by George Soros’ pet project Drug Policy Alliance, to the tune of $75,000, along with a hefty donation from the union backed Working Families Party, which tossed in $294,937 of “in-kind contributions” for advertising and voter engagement. The strangest pile of contributions was over $300,000 in several different transactions from the Shields family, which include former state legislator Chip Shields and a William Shields, both of whom list Schaeffer Mfg St. Louis as their employer. In total, Schmidt raised nearly $900,000 this year and had nearly $1 Million on hand to blow in a losing effort.

Vasquez, in contrast, was supported mostly by the city’s business leaders. He raised just over $1 Million total.

Mike Schmidt’s legacy goes down in history as one of the biggest dumpster fires in legal and political history. During his 4 years in office, he gained a reputation for regularly dismissing charges on repeat offenders, letting rioters go without charges during the past several years of regular street chaos, was accused of harassment and sex-based discrimination, which led to the county and state paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle complaints rather than be sued. By either intentionally ushering in the destruction of the city or by cognitive delusion, Schmidt graded himself “very highly” in an interview he did last fall.

A brief overview of Schmidt’s escapades has been documented here on Gateway Pundit. These include letting a repeat domestic abuser out of jail on low bail who went on to murder his ex girlfriend. He also dropped gun charges on his rioter friends, and even allowed BLM rioters to pull loaded rifles on motorists during a march with no consequences.

In other Oregon races, state legislator Maxine Dexter seems poised to win the US Congressional seat that’s being vacated by a retiring Earl Blumenauer. Bluemenauer has held the seat since 1996. The district is overwhelmingly whacked out, so whoever wins the democrat primary will surely win the general election.

State Representative Janelle Bynum has won the democrat primary over also-ran Jamie McLeod-Skinner, and will take on Republican incumbent Lori Chavez-Deremer in Oregon’s 5th Congressional district. CD5 is the one of the hottest battleground districts in the country.


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