On Thursday, a lightning bolt struck the Statue of Liberty’s torch during a severe storm in New York.

Photographer Dan Martland captured the moment when the lightning bolt hit the Statue of Liberty and posted the photo of the moment on X.

Martland wrote, “The Statue of Liberty getting zapped by a bolt of lightning.”

“I usually shoot the city in storms, but I couldn’t see anything with all the low clouds. This is why I went close to the Statue of Liberty. Just wanted to see something.” added Martland.


A photographer captured stunning images of lightning striking the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday. The photos were taken from Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

: Dan Martland, @DanTVusa pic.twitter.com/DyDRt2uVeo

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 4, 2024

Per The New York Post:

Wild videos captured extensive damage from this week’s powerful coastal storm that brought strong winds and relentless rain to the Big Apple — leaving residents waking up Thursday to crushed cars, downed utility poles, and debris littering the streets.

Videos shared online show the destruction left from the days of steady torrential rain and high winds.

One crazy clip shows a boat nearly sinking into Sheepshead Bay during Wednesday afternoon’s torrential rain storm.

Unbelievable photos taken during Wednesday’s storm also showed lightning appearing to strike the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

The torch of the Statue of Liberty was struck by lightning during a storm in Manhattan Bay. pic.twitter.com/in621fQat0

— S p r i n t e r F a c t o r y (@Sprinterfactory) April 4, 2024

The Statue of Liberty wasn’t the only victim of the storm.

The strong coastal winds from the storm knocked down dozens of trees and power lines.

Crazy photos show boat sinking, lightning striking Statue of Liberty during wild NY storm https://t.co/EEHl59yFpI pic.twitter.com/51KFLq4jdi

— New York Post (@nypost) April 4, 2024

One tree knocked over by the storm killed Catherine Tusiani, 50, who is the wife of a New York Yankee executive.

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