The Texas GOP on Saturday officially censured House Speaker Dade Phelan for impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The final vote was 55 in favor, 4 opposed, and 4 abstentions.

“The Republican Party of Texas officially censured Representative Dade Phelan today, imposing the full set of penalties allowed by the rules, for lack of fidelity to Republican principles and priorities. Rule 44 of the Republican Party of Texas allows the party to censure elected officials who violate Republican Party of Texas principles and priorities three times or more in a given biennium. The censure of Rep. Phelan details five such instances on issues such as the impeachment of Ken Paxton, Democrat Committee Chairs, border security, and educational freedom.” the Texas GOP said in a press release.

Recall that Dade Phelan appeared on the Texas House floor last year inebriated and slurring his words.


This is video from last night in the Texas House of Representatives where it appears that TX House Speaker Dade Phelan is either really drunk or having a stroke.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) May 20, 2023

Paxton last May called for Dade Phelan to resign after “Texans were dismayed to witness his performance presiding over the Texas House in a state of apparent debilitating intoxication.”

A couple of days later, Dade Phelan and other RINOs in the Texas House announced it would vote on a resolution to impeach Ken Paxton on unfounded charges.

The 20 articles include “bribery, unfitness for office and abuse of public trust” – according to the Associated Press.

While serving as Attorney General in Texas Ken Paxton defended 12 lawsuits related to election laws.

Democrats wanted to open the elections to mail-in ballots and ID-free voting and sued Texas to institute these unconstitutional practices in Texas elections. AG Paxton and his staff won every single one of these cases and prevented Democrats from stealing Texas like they were able to do in Georgia and Arizona. Ken has been fighting for free and fair elections in Texas and understands what a huge issue this is in our country today.

Paxton also stood up to the Big Tech tyrants.

The people LOVE Ken Paxton and reelected him to office in 2022.

Just days before the RINOs voted to recommend impeachment, Ken Paxton called on Texas Speaker Dade Phelan to resign for being drunk in the Texas Capitol.

In September Texas Senators acquitted Attorney General Ken Paxton on all 16 articles of impeachment brought against him.

Shortly after Paxton was acquitted, Texas GOP leadership in a 58-2 vote approved a resolution calling for Dade Phelan to step down from his leadership position.

Paxton previously called for drunk Dade Phelan to resign.

“In May, I called on liberal Speaker Dade Phelan to resign after he was recorded numerous times presiding over the Texas House in a state of apparent debilitating intoxication. Despite this embarrassing conduct, and his continuing erratic behavior, Phelan has refused to resign,” Paxton said.

“He has also wasted millions of tax dollars on a politically motivated sham impeachment, killed a critical border security bill and empowered an Obama lawyer to stop conservative legislation. As the legislature prepares for an anticipated special session to provide children with more opportunities for quality education, it is critical that Dade Phelan resigns as Speaker or is removed from his leadership position,” he added.

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