It’s not working. All of the lies and smears against President Trump have helped his polling numbers soar. Americans see through this. And Americans don’t like liars and bullies.

President Trump was back in court today in front of a New York City jury in the ongoing lawfare case where the prosecution has still not defined the criminal act that President Trump allegedly took part in.

This is the latest lawfare suit against President Trump that was completely derived by Democrats and the Biden regime to interfere with the 2024 election.

President Trump is currently leading in the polls in every battleground state except Wisconsin. Trump is ahead in Arizona and Georgia by wide margins and in Nevada by 13 points!

The lawfare show trials by the Marxist left are backfiring.

Earlier today Republican candidate Blake Masters tweeted this out on the ongoing Alvin Bragg show trial in New York City:

Blake Masters: It’s hard to put into words the staggering corruption of Alvin Bragg’s kangaroo court in New York City:

– The District Attorney lowers half of all felonies to misdemeanors yet raised a misdemeanor to a felony in order to indict Trump.
– The lead prosecutor was a DNC consultant and number 3 at Biden’s DOJ before being hired by Bragg to go after Trump.
– The other lead prosecutor donated over $1,000 to Joe Biden and ActBlue in 2020.
– The judge donated to Biden and his daughter is a left-wing activist who is using the trial to raise money for Democrats.
– The lead witness is a convicted perjurer who is selling t-shirts of Trump in jail on TikTok.

This whole thing is a joke and wouldn’t be happening if President Trump wasn’t leading in every swing state poll.

Mike Benz then jumped in to add more facts.

Mike Benz: The judge is so financially conflicted he wouldn’t even be allowed on the jury. The star witness is a multi-crime convicted felon who in most states wouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

That’s when Elon Musk piled on with this truth bomb.

Elon Musk: The more unfair the attacks on Trump seem to the public, the higher he will rise in the polls

Via Midnight Rider.

Fact Check: True

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