In February deep state Special Counsel Robert Hur absolved Joe Biden from his numerous criminal acts of stealing and holding classified documents as a US Senator, Vice President, and private citizen.

Robert Hur announced in February he was forgiving Joe Biden for his obvious criminal acts because Joe was mentally impaired.

Joe Biden is the latest Democrat to skate from prosecution by a politicized and criminal Department of Justice.

There can be no denying we are living under the rule of a two-tiered justice system.

On Tuesday Special Counsel Hur testified before Congress. Hur was having a hard time explaining why Joe Biden was not charged for his numerous criminal acts – most likely because there is no explanation.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) laid it out best in his questioning.
Armstrong got right to the point of the DOJ’s corruption.

Rep. Armstrong: Mr. Hur, classified documents were found at the Penn-Biden Center?

Robert Hur: “That’s correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: They were found in President Biden’s garage?

Robert Hur: “In Wilmington, Delaware. Yes.”

Rep. Armstrong: And in his basement den?

Robert Hur: “Also in the same home, yes.”

Rep. Armstrong: And in his main floor office?

Robert Hur: “Correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: And his third-floor den?

Robert Hur: “Correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: At the University of Delaware?

Robert Hur: “Correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: And at the Biden Institute?

Robert Hur: “Correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: In the elements of a crime for this, we can get into all of this. But the the elements of a crime are pretty simple, right? President Biden had unauthorized possession of classified documents, writings, or notes, correct?

Robert Hur: “Correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: And that the document, writing, or note related to national defense?

Robert Hur: “Correct.”

Rep. Armstrong: And that the defendant, an we can talk about the willfully part here in a second, retained the document, writing, or note and failed to deliver to an employee or officer entitled to receive it.

Robert Hur: Correct. There is willful intent to that element as you would say.

Rep. Armstrong: But those are the elements of the crim?

Robert Hur: Including the intent element, yes.

Rep. Armstrong: And there are at least two different quotes where he told his ghost writer, right? And this was in your report. Did he tell his ghostwriter – And this was February 16, 2017, that he had just found all of his classified stuff downstairs?

Robert Hur: “He did make that statement that was captured on an audio recording.”

Rep. Armstrong: And on April 10, 2017, Biden read aloud a classified passage related to a 2015 meeting in the Situation Room?

Robert Hur: “That is in the report, yes.”

Rep. Armstrong: And these are national security documents – Afghanistan has been mentioned. A whole bunch of those things right?

Robert Hur: Correct…

Rep. Armstrong: …So you have audio recording from the president’s ghost writer where the president acknowledges that the information he has is classified that he’s sharing with his ghost writer?

Robert Hur: We have an audio recording capturing a statement from Mr. Biden saying to his ghost writer in 2017, quote, “I just found all the classified stuff down stairs.”

Rep. Armstrong: …And the ghost writer had no classified clearance?

Robert Hur. That is our understanding… he was not authorized to receive classified information.

Rep. Armstrong: OK, so the elements are possessed documents. The documents were related to national defense. And willfully retained those documents and in this case willfully shared them with somebody who was not allowed to receive them?

Robert Hur: (pause) There are different subsections of 18USC793. One subsection relates to willful retention and another relates to disclosure of national defense information.

Rep. Armstrong: …It appears from the report that President Biden met every actual element of the crime.”

But Old Joe is a Democrat. So it’s cool.

Via Kanekoa the Great.

Classified documents were found at the Penn-Biden Center? “That’s correct.”

They were found in President Biden’s garage in Wilmington, Delaware? “Yes.”

And in his basement den? “Yes.”

And in the office? “Correct.”

And his third-floor den? “Correct.”

At the…

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) March 12, 2024

Biden NEVER had legal authority to take these documents. President Trump DID have legal authority.

Trump being charged and Biden getting a free pass is complete and total BULLSHIT!

— Alex Bruesewitz (@alexbruesewitz) March 12, 2024

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