In a deposition recorded in October, former President Donald Trump continued to maintain he did not sexually assault a woman in a New York department store. (CNN / YouTube screen shot)

New York City is suffering through a devastating time. The current leadership is making it worse.

Between early 2020 and 2023, 158 companies that manage $993 billion in assets moved their headquarters out of New York City.

Despite all of the obstacles against business owners New York Attorney General Letitia James decided to start suing businesses based on their politics.

Letitia’s current trial of Donald Trump and his sons and daughter is unprecedented in American history.

James is persecuting Trump for having a successful business, paying off his debts, paying off banks, and making beautiful real estate properties.

New York State wants to take over Trump’s business in the state to set an example to all Republicans in the state – “Run a successful business in New York City and you will be punished.”

In November President Trump warned New York City on what their future looks like.

President Trump:  Nobody can believe this Political Witch Hunt Trial is still going on. No Victims, No Witnesses (their witness recanted his FAKE story, and said he Lied!), No Defaults, No Jury, No Nothing, only happy Banks etc. There was FRAUD, however, but by the Judge and the A.G., in saying that Mar-a-Lago was worth only $18,000,000, when they knew it was worth many times that amount. They just wanted to make me look bad – All a big SCAM by the New York A.G. in order to get elected, and then to run for Governor, unsuccessfully. The Trump Hating Judge MUST WITHDRAW his “bull….” early ruling (before the trial even started. HE KNEW NONE OF THE FACTS!). He is devastated by the TRUTH, but just can’t let it go. He is OBSESSED! Any other Judge but this one would have dismissed this ridiculous lawsuit years ago. He asked me to settle for a MUCH LOWER AMOUNT, at a settlement conference, but I said NO, I DID NOTHING WRONG! Businesses will NEVER come back to New York if this HOAX is not dismissed & forgotten!

In December President Trump again warned New Yorkers that the outcome of his trial could be devastating for New York City and New York State.   Trump warned that his ongoing persecution at the hands of New York state Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron and Attorney General Letitia James could have a chilling effect on other businesses in the state.

Now this…
New York manufacturing activity fell sharply in January following a significant decline in December — Empire State Survey.

Via Disclose.TV.

JUST IN – New York manufacturing activity fell sharply in January following a significant decline in December — Empire State Survey

— (@disclosetv) January 16, 2024

it appears the crash in manufacturing in New York State is worse than during the 2008 market crash.
That can’t be good.

Trump called it.

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