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American military personnel overseas make tremendous sacrifices from afar for our nation. While deployed, they often gain new perspectives that they bring home with them. Such is the case for Jason Nelson and Benjamin Riley who retired from the U.S. Army after being deployed across the Middle East.

What they found when they came home concerned them. Through their roles in civil affairs, they had to help stabilize communities that were in crisis. What they saw there is echoing through events they see happening in the United States today.

“I’ve been to other countries where there was a supply chain breakdown, and it doesn’t take war to break it,” Nelson said. “Once that happens, most become 100% dependent on government assistance, and that comes with massive strings attached.”

The two disabled veterans formed Prepper All-Naturals, a company that specializes in high-quality freeze-dried beef for long-term storage. But they knew they didn’t want to sell “beef crumbles” or the scraps other companies sell as “beef chunks,” so they became the first company to offer shelf-stable high-end cuts such as Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin.

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Nelson and Riley believe our food supply chain is in jeopardy. With food processing plants mysteriously being destroyed, bird flu continuing to spread, trains derailed, cattle herds dying suddenly, and an incessant push by globalists for bugs and lab-grown meat, it’s clear that America is on the verge of a major food crisis.

“We came home and saw a plethora of challenges hammering most Americans,” he said. “It’s all adding up to one huge problem but the simple solution was to streamline a source of protein that people could stockpile for the lean times ahead.”

Prepper All-Naturals beef is cooked sous vide with one ingredient: beef. It is then freeze-dried and put into mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to make it shelf-stable for 25 years or more. As real meat continues to be hit from every angle, Nelson and Riley believe Americans are going to need as much long-term storage beef as possible.

“We will never use lab-grown meat or cows that have had mRNA injections, both of which are coming in the near future,” Nelson said. “Meat should come from a pasture, not a petri dish. We believe in America which is why we want Americans to have as much high-quality beef as they can get.”

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