Israel rescued two hostages in southern Gaza on Monday. Hamas barbarians are still holding over 100 Jewish hostages in the Gaza Strip.

Israel rescued two Israeli hostages in southern Gaza on Monday.

The two rescued Israeli hostages meeting their families

— Marina Medvin (@MarinaMedvin) February 12, 2024

This comes after Joe Biden called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and told him not to enter Rafah – that it might break down hostage negotiations.

Israel ignored Biden’s command and went ahead and rescued their people.

Joe Biden told Prime Minister Netanyahu to resist a military operation in the Rafah area. Israel went ahead and rescued their people anyway.

The two rescued Israeli hostages meeting their families

— Marina Medvin (@MarinaMedvin) February 12, 2024

The AP reported on the rescue with their typical slant:

Israeli forces rescued two hostages early Monday, storming a heavily guarded apartment in the southern Gaza Strip and extracting the captives under fire in a dramatic raid that was a small but symbolically significant success for Israel. The operation killed at least 67 Palestinians, including women and children, according to Palestinian health officials in the beleaguered territory.

To assist the rescue forces, heavy airstrikes pounded the area near the apartment in Rafah, a city on the southern edge of the Gaza Strip where 1.4 million Palestinians have fled to escape fighting elsewhere in the Israel-Hamas war.

The raid was celebrated in Israel as a victory in the sluggish battle to free the hostages, with more than 100 captives still held by Hamas and other Gaza militants, and briefly lifted the spirits of a nation still reeling from Hamas’ cross-border raid last year. But in Gaza, where civilians have borne a staggering toll since the war erupted on Oct. 7, the operation unleashed another wartime tragedy, with many Palestinians killed or wounded.

The AP forgot to mention that there would be no bombings if Hamas were not still holding over 100 Israeli hostages!

The IDF released a statement on the rescue.

“This rescue mission underscores the importance of our ground operation in Gaza. We have a moral obligation to bring all our hostages home, an obligation that we will continue doing everything in our power to fulfill.”

Watch the full statement by IDF Spokesperson RAdl. Daniel…

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) February 12, 2024

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