A professor at the University of California, Davis urged a woman at a protest to put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger.

Seeta Chaganti, who works as a professor of English, was heard telling a woman named Beth Bourne to “put a gun in your mouth you piece of sh*t” as she protested against transgender ideology.

NEW: The pro-Palestine protester who told @bourne_beth2345 “put a gun in your mouth you piece of sh*t” has been identified as @ucdavis Professor Seeta Chaganti.

I wonder what @ucdavis thinks of their professor telling people to kiII themselves and behaving like this. pic.twitter.com/HdEzkC67a0

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 13, 2024

Chaganti, a committed anti-Israel activist, had previously cancelled all her classes for a week to attend the pro-Palestine protests and urged her students to join her.

.@ucdavis Professor Seeta Chaganti also canceled all her classes for a week in support of pro-Palestine protests and encouraged students to attend the protests. https://t.co/K84LnIVP9B

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 13, 2024

According to her university profile, Chaganti is an expert in Old and Middle English poetry and is currently working on a project about the evils of whitness.

Seeta Chaganti joined the faculty of the UC Davis English department in 2001. She specializes in Old and Middle English poetry and its intersections with material culture. Her first book was The Medieval Poetics of the Reliquary. Her second book argues that to medieval audiences, poetic form was a multimedia experience shaped by encounters with dance. In this work, she proposes a new method of reenacting medieval dance that draws upon experiences of watching contemporary dance.

Her current project, tentatively entitled ‘Carceral Angels: An Abolitionist History of the Sheriff,’ traces a long history of the shrieval office from pre-Conquest England to modern America. It argues that the earliest days of English law forged the triangulation of violence, whiteness, and property that obstructs liberation in Anglophone modernity.”

Chaganti has served as a Trustee of the New Chaucer Society and a Councillor of the Medieval Academy of America. She is currently an Executive Board Member of Race before Race and a member of Medievalists of Color.

With nutjobs like this educating America’s best and brightest, no wonder the country is in such a terrible state.


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