On Wednesday, Ukraine unveiled its new AI-generated Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, who will now make official statements on behalf of Ukraine’s foreign ministry.

The new AI-generated spokeswoman’s name is Victoria Shi, and the AI-bot is modeled after Ukrainian singer Rosalie Nombre.

Ukraine released a teaser of their new AI spokeswoman on their Ministry of Foreign Affairs YouTube page.

In the AI-generated spokeswoman’s first announcement, the digital representative stated, “My name symbolizes our main goal – the victory of Ukraine, and my last name – the artificial intelligence that created me. My work will consist of reporting operational and verified information of the consular department of the MFA of Ukraine to the public.”



Per Barron’s:

Ukraine on Wednesday presented an AI-generated spokeswoman called Victoria who will make official statements on behalf of its foreign ministry.

The ministry said it would “for the first time in history” use a digital spokeswoman to read its statements, which will still be written by humans.

Dressed in a dark suit, the spokeswoman introduced herself as Victoria Shi, a “digital person”, in a presentation posted on social media.

The figure gesticulates with her hands and moves her head as she speaks.

Ukrainian officials within the Foreign Ministry Affairs department shared they decided to implement an AI representative to cut down on time and resources.

Meet Victoria Shi — a digital representative of the MFA of Ukraine, created using AI to provide timely updates on consular affairs!

For the first time in history, the MFA of Ukraine has presented a digital persona that will officially comment for the media. pic.twitter.com/KTtuCVR1ku

— MFA of Ukraine (@MFA_Ukraine) May 1, 2024

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry office also noted that a QR code will be placed in every video that links to statements made by the Foreign Ministry to combat any attempts of counterfeiting statements.

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