US Fleet Forces Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle warns of attempted penetrations at US bases by foreign nationals are taking place 2-3 times a week.

The US Fleet Forces Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle warned FOX News viewers that there have been an uptick in foreign nationals attempting to penetrate US military bases around the country. These attempted breaches are taking place two to three times a week now.

Journalist Lara Logan reported on attempted breaches at several US bases by Chechens, Jordanians and Chinese.

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 25, 2024


How about now? Do you see it now?

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 25, 2024

Of course, the blame for this goes back to Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s organized plan to open the borders to millions of unknown aliens.

U.S. Fleet Forces Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle told Bill Hemmer on America Reports that attempted penetrations of U.S. military bases by foreign nationals are taking place ‘two or three times a week.’

But this appears to be a much larger problem than what is being reported.

Kennedy Space Center – flickr fair use image

Chinese nationals have breached US military sites and sensitive areas like Kennedy Space Center over 100 times in recent years.

Chinese spies breach US military bases 100 times, officials say

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 26, 2024

The New York Post reported on this back in 2023.

Chinese nationals have snuck onto military bases and other sensitive US sites more than 100 times in recent years — sparking federal investigations into possible spying, according to a report Monday.

Alarming cases include people crossing into a United States missile range in New Mexico — and scuba divers swimming near a rocket launch site and Kennedy Space Center in Florida, officials told the Wall Street Journal.

Some have also used drones to take detailed aerial footage of sensitive military sites — while the Pentagon confirmed cases of people “speeding through security checkpoints.”

Many would-be intruders, however, claim to be confused tourists who think they have a reservation at an on-base hotel — and they often use what appears to be scripted language when confronted by security, the report said.

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