FOX News went into a diner in Pennsylvania this morning and spoke to a group of veterans, including a man who served in WWII.

The vets were asked specifically about the anti-Israel and anti-American protests happening on college campuses. All of the men that they spoke to registered absolute disgust with what’s happening.

One vet wondered why law enforcement is being forced to allow it to happen in some places. Another vet suggests deportations.

FOX News reports:

Veterans disgusted by anti-Israel protests, flag-burning: ‘Disgrace’ to America

A group of U.S. military veterans shared their disgust over the wave of anti-Israel protests spreading across college campuses.

“They’re a disgrace to the United States of America. Burning flags, talking against the country. They’re not happy here? Deport them like anybody else if they’re not an American. It’s a shame and a disgrace,” a World War II veteran named George said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“These veterans died and got injured and everything else, so they could protest against the United States of America and burn flags and everything else. Total disgrace.”

After protests rocked Columbia and Yale campuses, demonstrations broke out at the University of Texas-Austin and the University of Southern California Wednesday…

“They’re all nasty, nasty people. They’ve got nothing better to do with their lives than to say that. It’s so disgusting,” another veteran told Lawrence Jones at the Eagle Diner in Warminster, Pa., about 30 miles north of Philadelphia.

Watch the segment below:

Millions of people across the country feel the same way these men do. What we are seeing is a total disgrace, and it is disgusting that so many schools are allowing it to continue.

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