It looks like the Soviet show trial is blowing up in the faces of the Democrat party as Donald Trump gets a massive wind in his sails following the guilty verdict.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

Trump’s approval rating has gone up following his sham guilty verdict in New York, according to a new poll.

It just goes to show that the vast majority of Americans know what the trial was all about and disapprove of the Democrats’ fascist tactics.

More backfire is coming, but this is a good start.

Townhall reports: “If the Democratic Party thought convicting former President Donald Trump was going to make his millions of supporters abandon him, they better think twice.

In fact, he got a six-point jump in approval after being found guilty of 34 counts for falsifying business records.”

Donald Trump also raised over $50m in just 24 hours following the conviction. The American people can see through this Soviet style show trial.

Despite the apparent beliefs of the Democrat party, Americans are not stupid. No one believes that Trump was given due process or a fair trial. This, like every other attempt to beat Trump into submission, has spectacularly blown up in the faces of the bewildered Democrats.

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