We have opened Pandora’s box of gender insanity and unless we do a complete 180 soon, we may be stuck with this insanity forever.

As reported by Jim Hoft with the Gateway Pundit,

“A transgender athlete, Aayden Gallagher, from McDaniel High School, smoked female competitors at the Sherwood Need For Speed Invitational on Saturday.

Gallagher, who is in the 10th grade and identifies as transgender woman, competed in the girls’ track and field events, participating in the 200-meter, 400-meter, and 4×100-meter relay races.

In the 200-meter race, Gallagher secured a first-place finish in the heat with a time of 25.49 seconds, smoking the nearest competitor by more than five seconds.

This performance earned Gallagher a second-place finish overall in the girls’ 200-meter event, with the top spot going to Aster Jones from Roosevelt High School, who finished with a time of 24.43 seconds.

According to Red State, Gallagher’s time would have placed 61st in the boys’ 200-meter race at the same meet.

Gallagher also competed in the girls’ 400-meter race, finishing second with a time of 55.61 seconds—a time that would have ranked 57th in the boys’ category.”

This is a story that seems to have been playing on repeat for the last two years. The question now is what will we as a society do in response? Are parents going to continue to sit on the sidelines and watch as their daughters get destroyed by males? Or, are more parents going to join those who are outraged and take a stand for basic biology?

If something doesn’t change soon I fear we will be stuck living with the growing plague of collective insanity that is modern gender theory.



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