A recent article published in the Washington Post written by Philip Bump seems to tell readers that they are simply not smart enough to do their own research.

Titled, “Doing your own research is a good way to end up being wrong” the article goes to great lengths to explain that if you or I try to do our own research rather than blindly trusting the official media narrative that we will come to the wrong conclusion.

The propaganda piece specifically mentions the Gateway Pundit stating,

“Sites like the Gateway Pundit look like news sites in broad strokes. The Gateway Pundit, despite its history of propagating nonsense, is often treated as legitimate by people of prominence- so its claims are treated as credible.”

Hilariously, the article observes that when people do have the audacity to do their own research they are more likely to believe stories that the media has declared to be “fake news.” It turns out, that once people do research they realize just how often the media has lied to them.

Philip took particular issue with the fact that so many of the Iowa caucus participants knew that the 2020 election was ripe with fraud and believed that Joe Biden did not win legitimately.

Surely we would all be better off if we simply allowed the brilliant analysts of the mainstream media to vomit their ideas onto us. We are not capable enough to conduct our own research, but must instead regurgitate the official narrative of the legacy media.

Blindly trusting those in power has never caused anything bad to happen, right?


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