Illegal aliens pray at the border in Lukeville, Arizona.

In November, FBI Director Chris Wray warned about possible terror attacks by radical Islamists following the Hamas massacre in Israel.

If Chris Wray were serious about attacks by radical Muslims he would insist we have a secure border.

But he’s obviously not serious. The border is wide open.

Millions of aliens have crossed into the US under Joe Biden. We have no idea who they are, where they came from, what organizations they may be part of.
This is national suicide.

In November we posted one of Jeff Rainforth’s earlier reports.

BORDER VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Muslims Pray at the Border After Crossing into the US through Joe Biden’s Open Border (VIDEO)

Investigative journalist Jeff Rainforth released his latest report from the open US border in Lukeville, Arizona.

Via Jeff Rainforth.

This is what’s happening in Lukeville, Arizona, on the border every day. Young illegal alien men from Islamic African countries enter by the hundreds every day. I filmed there for seven weeks, camped out in the middle of the inanity. I’ve been filming on borders around the world and in the United States since 2019, and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s like a Third World country there in Lukeville, Arizona.

Most of the illegal, alien men from Africa come from the countries of Senegal and Guinea. 97% of the people in Senegal are of the Islamic religion. In Guinea, it’s about 86%.

About 50% of the illegal aliens I saw in Lukeville came from Islamic African nations.

At a time when Joe Biden has the entire world on fire and at war because of his ineptitude, now we’re almost at war with the Islamic world after we just attacked terrorists in Yemen. At the same time, Biden has been allowing tens of thousands of young Islamic men to enter the country illegally, and they’re filling up our cities, and who knows how that’s going to end.

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Here is another video from December at the Arizona border.

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