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Video footage captured the shocking moment a race-baiting, anti-semitic American Airlines passenger was put in a headlock and dragged out by a fellow flyer before takeoff.

The Daily Mail reported the incident, which caused a 30-minute delay, occurred on flight 2506 which was set to fly from Tampa International Airport to Philadelphia on Tuesday.

During the outburst, the man yelled the anti-Semitic slur “k*ke” at a flight attendant and started blaming white people for his problems. He then picked a fight with another passenger, who eventually put an end to the madness.

The video opens with the disruptive passenger turning to a flight attendant, saying, “I will universally, publicly, mess you up.” A woman in the background then tells the deranged flyer to get off the plane.

The man then moves to a nearby window seat and sits down as a female flight attendant inquires: “Do you have a bag or anything you want to grab before you get off?”

He replied: “Uh, y’all attack me with two individuals against one?” A male flight attendant then talks to another passenger, and the disturbed individual interrupts to say, “I didn’t hit anyone.”

The man then starts dropping anti-semitic slurs:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s OK raising my voice to a female? I’ll see about it with you k*ke… You as a k*ke human.

He then turns his attention to a female passenger and tells her he’s moving from his seat before playing the race card.

You’re teaming up. Do you see how most of the people are white here? Yeah, yeah, so you were like, ‘Ah.’”


NEW: American Airlines passenger gets put in a headlock and escorted off plane after yelling an anti-Semitic slur and blaming white people for his problems.

The man was accused of hitting someone and got angry, triggering him to launch anti-Semitic slurs.

“I’ll see about it…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) March 21, 2024

The passenger then argues with other flyers before whining, “I’m trying to get to my home country, and you all people made it harder for me to get to my home country!”

The final part of the video shows a larger man in a blue shirt coming up to the unruly flyer and trying to calm the situation. After words are exchanged, the loon threateningly places his face in front of the man in blue, who responds: “If you put your hands…”

“Hey, I didn’t get in your face, you told me to get out,” the deranged passenger replies.

The man in blue then tells the belligerent man to “back up” as the deranged passenger waves a paper around and tells a flight attendant that he has a ticket.

The loon then turns back around after the man in blue taps him on the back and says, “let’s go,” wanting to escort him off the plane.

“You touch me, fool!” the disruptive man exclaims. He then squares up his arms, challenging the other man to a fight.

The two men then get into a shoving match in the middle of the aisle. They fall into other passengers in the process.

The man in blue, who says he is a police officer, eventually overpowers his opponent and places him in a headlock. The victorious good Samaritan then drags the insane individual off the plane as a group of passengers follow behind.

The Daily Mail reports it is unclear if anyone was arrested or injured during the incident.

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