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A top Colorado Democrat legislator was caught showing up drunk to a heated community event and is now seeking medical treatment for alcohol abuse.

As the Daily Mail reported, Faith Winter, the assistant state senate majority leader, was almost 10 minutes late on Wednesday to a public hearing in Northglenn regarding a plan to open a halfway house for sex offenders near an elementary school. The outlet notes Winter is a sponsor of this outrageous and potentially dangerous legislation.

Once she arrived during the opening statements, an oblivious Winter was unaware she was supposed to sit with the panelist and had to be called to the stage. Then, things only got worse for her.

As she sat down, Winter proceeded to struggle through her brief remarks.


WINTER: “I am working diligently to hold our department accountable to how they make sure our community is safe.”


“‘Most folks that go to prison, come out of prison. And we have to decide how and when and where we handle that.”

“And every local co-co-community (short pause) has issues. But my top priority is ensuring they are talking to you all and promoting the right guardrails.”

The Mail reported that at one point in the meeting, an audience member yelled at Winter for scrolling on her phone while people were expressing their concerns over the facility. She responded with a slurred speech, claiming she was using it to look up statistics.

Lissette Loya, an audience member, posted the video on Facebook of Winter looking down at her phone during the meeting and unloaded.

“This was Faith Winter yesterday at our meeting as people were speaking about their own experience with sexual abuse, she wrote. “She was so disrespectful being on her phone and claimed her faces were because she was ‘reliving her own trauma.’”

“Now we find out she was drunk!! Unbelievable.”

In an interview with The Colorado Sun, an apologetic Winter said she would be stepping down from her position as chair of the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee and would seek substance abuse treatment.

“I deeply regret my behavior last night. I made a mistake, and I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience or discomfort I caused. I take full responsibility for my actions, and I am committed to making things right,” said Winter.

“I especially apologize to the city of Northglenn and the citizens that came out. I deeply care about your thoughts and community. I am now under the care of medical professionals and receiving treatment for my substance abuse disorder,” she continued.

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