Peaceful mob beats Jews at North Carolina library.

An anti-American, anti-Zionist mob beat Jews and elderly citizens and dragged them from the library for filming one of their anti-Israel sessions.

The video was later published online.

The Jew-hating anarchists started complaining during the session that they were being filmed – in a public library. For some reason they did not want the session to be filmed?

Anarchists beat jews at North Carolina library.

This was during a session on anti-Zionism during the Carolina Anarchist Bookfair.

The young Leftists surrounded the man filming and blocked him from filming. Then they beat him and the two other Jews in attendance.

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Via Monica Buckley on Instagram.

Asheville NC. Pro-Terror Mob Violently Attacks Jews and Elderly Veteran at a public event at the West Asheville Public Library. The speaker started his speech by celebrating Oct 7. The crowd eventually “exposed” us as Zionists and asked the speaker what they should do with us. He casually mentioned “murder” and then told the crowd to decide how to handle us and watched as they beat up three people.

Listen carefully to the glee and casual giggling as they inflict their violence. Not a single person there attempted to help the victims. More video footage to come. Stay tuned. Firestorm Coop and ACAB Bookfair Sponsored this terrorist training in #AshevilleNC @wlos_13 @citizentimes @cityofasheville @mountainxpress @visitasheville


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Algemeiner has more on the beatings.

Three pro-Israel attendees of a public event titled “Strategic Lessons From the Palestinian Resistance” reported being attacked and forcibly dragged out by anti-Israel activists also in attendance at the West Asheville Library in North Carolina on Saturday.

The event, hosed by Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair, was one of multiple anti-Israel sessions that took place during a three-day “anarchist” book fair.

The Algemeiner interviewed David Moritz, a 54-year-old son of Holocaust survivors, and Monica Buckley, who is 48 and identifies as queer. Both are Jewish and attended the event with 80-year-old Bob Campbell, who was also interviewed for this story.

Approximately 60-80 anti-Israel activists were in attendance at the event held in a public library. Almost all were masked, with the exception of one activist who is reported to regularly attend events in the area unmasked.

According to Moritz, Buckley, and Campbell, the event celebrated and glorified Hamas’ massacre across southern Israel on Oct. 7, when the Palestinian terrorist group killed 1,200 people and kidnapped about 250 others as hostages…

According to video and interviews with those targeted at the event, an activist grabbed Buckley’s phone, instigating mob violence against the three pro-Israel attendees. She was reportedly punched, kicked, and stomped. Her phone was stolen and later found, having been thrown on nearby property.

All three pro-Israel attendees reported being dragged out of the library.

Campbell, an 80-year-old military veteran with cancer and a stent in his heart, was stomped, assaulted, and pushed to the ground, a footprint clearly visible on his shorts. His phone was also taken and later found in a trashcan. Local police encouraged Campbell to see a doctor.

“My arms are chewed up,” Campbell told The Algemeiner. For medical treatment he went to a US Veterans Affairs facility, which found he had “severe contusions.”

Read the rest here.

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