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A man went off on Nikki Haley during a campaign rally in South Carolina last night for her reckless foreign policy stances, and tore up a campaign sign right in front of her face.

WPDE reported that Haley was in Conway blasting Joe Biden’s pathetic foreign policy for contributing to Iran-backed militias murdering three U.S. soldiers and wounding several dozen more in Jordan over the weekend.

Haley’s preferred response to the sinister attack is to strike Iran’s resources, increasing the chances of World War III.

Nikki Haley calls for strikes on Iran’s resources and when asked if it would risk escalating a war, she responds:

“It’s not starting war, it’s actually preventing war”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) January 29, 2024

As Haley was about to finish her foreign policy rant, the America-first (and anti-war) protester exploded on her for being in bed with the military-industrial complex and supporting forever wars. This Uniparty position has contributed significantly to destabilization in the Middle East, starting with the war in Iraq.


Man: No new wars! We’re done with the military-industrial complex!

Haley: None of us want new wars.

Man: We know where your money comes from, Nikki! We know! We’re sick of the wars, and we want America First!

The man then ripped up one of Haley’s campaign signs and was escorted out of the room.

Timcast News’s (and TGP contributor) Cassandra MacDonald reported Haley’s event was later interrupted by a second protester.

Haley whined that President Trump planted the protesters because he felt threatened, ignoring the fact Trump currently leads her in South Carolina by 27 points.

“That’s what Trump does. He does disruption. That’s the only way he thinks he can win: by planting people like this. I think we’re getting under his skin,” Haley absurdly boasted.

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