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Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones interviewed an anti-Israel protester on live television, resulting in an exchange that ended abruptly when the protester could not respond to factual challenges.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the ‘Islamo-Communist revolution’ occurring on college campuses advanced further overnight with the takeover of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University in New York City.

Dozens of Hamas supporters, who have been staging an ‘occupy’ protest against Israel and the United States, smashed windows and stormed the building, apparently unimpeded by law enforcement, while hundreds more gathered outside to secure the entrances.


“We Will Honor All the Martyrs” – Hamas Supporters at Columbia University Smash Windows, Take Control of Hamilton Hall in Overnight Attack (Video)

During a live broadcast, Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones encountered a protester just outside the university premises, initiating a dialogue that would soon reveal the tension between facts and narrative.

Here is the dialogue with corrected punctuation:

Lawrence Jones: “What do you feel about them taking over the building right now?”

Protester: “I think that their cause is a just cause, and I hope that the administration really hears their demands. I think they’re just demands.”

Lawrence Jones: “Do you feel like it was right to hold three of the janitor workers hostage inside of the building?”

Protester: “I think that’s a really false narrative.”

Lawrence Jones: “That’s what the janitors are saying, that they weren’t allowed to leave.”

Protester: “I think that that’s a really false narrative.”

Lawrence Jones: “Even if the janitors are saying that, you’re saying that that’s not true.”

Protester: “I think that it’s a really false narrative that the students took anyone hostage.”

Fox News reported that facility workers at Columbia University were held hostage by anti-Israel protesters after a group of anarchists entered an academic building on the campus and barricaded the doors.

Despite the protester’s insistence on dismissing these claims, Lawrence pressed on with questions regarding the safety of Jewish students on campus.

Lawrence Jones: “How do you feel about some of the Jewish students saying that they don’t feel safe here on campus?”

Protester: “I think that this is also a really false narrative that’s being promoted.”

The protester became visibly agitated when Lawrence mentioned specific incidents that occurred on October 7th, including serious allegations of assault.

Lawrence Jones: “Do you think October 7th, the fact that happened, is a false narrative? Do you believe that some of the women were raped?”

Protester: “My colleague just came back.”

Lawrence Jones: “This is what happened.”

Protester: “Can you get out of my face, please?”

Jones later described to the studio anchors the typical pattern observed at these protests, noting, “This is what you see at these protests. Once you get into the nitty-gritty of what happened on October the seventh, they deny what happened.”

Lawrence Jones later relayed to Fox News anchors that these denials are part of a broader pattern of rejection of documented events, even those verified by independent investigations and UN reports.

This pattern, according to Jones, represents a troubling trend of disbelief and denial among American supporters of the movement, distancing them from the reality of the situations being protested and from broader public discourse.

The short interview revealed a typical pattern observed in leftist behavior.

It showed a common reaction among many leftists when faced with facts that contradict their beliefs. Instead of engaging in reasoned debate and civil discourse, they often resort to denial, refuse to engage, or worse, intimidate and slander you.


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