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Senator J.D. Vance schooled and shut down CNN leftist Kaitlan Collins after she tried to ambush him with gotcha questions on the garbage criminal prosecutions of President Trump.

On Wednesday evening, Vance was a guest on Collins’s eponymous show, The Source with Kaitlan Collins, to discuss various topics, including the pro-Hamas protests on college campuses across America and whether he would serve as Trump’s vice president. However, things got heated when the subject turned to Trump’s political prosecutions.

After one leading question from Collins, Vance unloaded on Biden’s Department of Injustice. He pointed out how “unusual” it was for the DOJ to collude with communist Manhattan DA Alkving Bragg’s office to bring a nonsense case against a political opponent. Moreover, Vance railed against corrupt Judge Juan Merchan while pointing out his donations to Biden.

He then warned how damaging the prosecutions of Trump are to America’s judicial system. Collins could only sit there in silence after thinking about interrupting him toward the end.

“This is a real threat to Americans’ trust in the legal system,” Vance said. “We are destroying the American system of law and order to bring down Joe Biden’s political opponent.”


Sen. @JDVance1 just demolished CNN FAKE NEWS

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) May 2, 2024

Undeterred, Collins asked another misleading question regarding whether Trump could order the military to stage a coup. Trump previously claimed he was immune from prosecution for official acts as president.

Liberal Justice Elena Kagan previously posed this hypothetical question to Trump lawyer D. John Sauer during arguments in the immunity hearing last month. Sauer said it depended on the circumstances, but impeachment and conviction must occur before any criminal prosecution.

Vance pointed out this fact during his response to Collins. Then he posed a pointed question to illustrate the slippery slope the Biden regime is embarking on: Should Barack Obama be prosecuted for killing an American citizen via a drone strike?” He then pointed out that if the Regime got its way, the next president would find it impossible to enforce the laws of this country.

After Collins tried to interrupt Vance toward the end, he completely shut her down.

WATCH: @JDVance1 schools Kaitlan Collins on the double-standard being applied to prosecute Donald Trump.

“Should Barack Obama be prosecuted for killing an American citizen via a drone strike?”

— Raheem. (@RaheemKassam) May 2, 2024

COLLINS: What circumstances warrant the President (Trump) ordering the military to stage a coup?

VANCE: First of all, he (Sauer) said it depends on the circumstances (immunity from prosecution)…But more importantly, Kaitlin, he’s just saying that would count as an official act…

COLLINS: But, but, is that an official act in your view too

VANCE: Can I finish, Kaitlin? In an official act, there are a number of checks and balances in our system. There’s the impeachment process, there’s the budgeting authority…There are a number of ways Congress has check and balance control over the president.

All he is saying is the criminal liability procedures that exist in this country do not cover the president’s official acts…Should Barack Obama be prosecuted for killing an American citizen via a drone strike?”

There are a number of examples in American history where if you apply the lawfare standard of the Biden Administration against Donald Trump, it would make the Presidency impossible to execute the law.

COLLINS: Yeah, I know that’s the argument that…

VANCE (shutting her down): In the name of taking down their political opponent, Kaitlin, these guys are pushing a legal theory that I think would really destroy the presidency whether a Democrat or Republican was in charge.

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