Texas National Guard members are seen being overrun by illegal immigrants trying to force their way across the southern border at El Paso, Texas. (@JennieSTaer / X screen shot)

By Wayne Allyn Root

Trump was right- again. Only 3 years ago our country was MAGA. America was great again. The economy, prosperity, inflation, interest rates, jobs, incomes, the border, crime, peace around the world.

Three short years later we’ve gone from MAGA to Gaza.

Trump was right about a lot of things. Here are just a few.

Trump predicted if the border was open and millions came into our country illegally, we’d be turned into a third world craphole. It happened exactly as he predicted. Look around.

Illegal aliens are murdering Americans from coast to coast. Illegals are fighting with pipes and belts in the middle of a major street in Midtown Manhattan. Cops are being beaten by illegal aliens in broad daylight in the middle of Times Square. Illegal alien squatters are stealing homes. Fentanyl is killing hundreds of thousands of our children.

One of my best friend’s children just died of a fentanyl overdose only days ago. Where do you think fentanyl comes from? The open border.

And then there’s the protests at Columbia University with angry mobs chanting “Death to Jews” “Death to America” and “We are Hamas.” Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of America.

U.S. Senators are now demanding President Biden send National Guard to protect Jewish students at Columbia U. This is happening in America?

Don’t look now but my alma mater Columbia U. has become “Hamas with a really bad football team.”

Now these Jew-hating protests are spreading to elite colleges across the country. And to the home of Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer who just happens to be Jewish. Who saw this coming?

President Trump saw it coming.

Remember President Trump’s so-called “Muslim Travel Ban.” He told us: Don’t let bad people, with evil intent, from terrorist nations, into America.

Trump’s point was, they will bring their hate with them. They will not blend in, as prior immigrants did. They will destroy our cities- which will be turned into dangerous “no go” zones. They will stir hate and division. Crime will explode. They will kill Americans- specifically Jews.

Don’t look now, but this is exactly what is happening.

The real name of Trump’s Executive Action was “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” It was simply an Executive Action aimed at keeping bad people with evil intent (and hatred for Jews, Christians, America and Western Civilization) out of the USA.

It wasn’t “racist.” It wasn’t aimed at Muslims. It was aimed at terrorists, criminals and people with hate in their hearts, coming from the worst terrorist nations in the world. It was aimed at keeping our citizens safe and keeping us from becoming a third world craphole. Like Gaza.

Trump was right.

Why do you think all of this hate and anarchy is happening right now? Because we opened the borders and welcomed everyone in. No one was vetted. We have no idea who is a criminal…who is a murderer…who is a terrorist…who hates Jews….and who wants “Death to America.”

Biden (and his boss Obama) opened the borders and let the whole Middle East in- with no questions asked. How many are Hamas? Hezbollah? ISIS? How many have criminal records? How many have an unnatural hatred for Jews, Christians and America?

Did anyone think to ask, before we let them into our country?

And let’s not single out radical Islam. Letting in MS-13, gangbangers from prisons around the world, and Chinese military-age males is just as stupid, reckless and dangerous.

Trump understood. Not everyone is alike. Not everyone should be allowed into our country. It’s a privilege to become an American. We have to investigate people who want to come in- to make sure their values are compatible with America, American exceptionalism, freedom, and democracy.

Now you’re seeing the results of unvetted open borders on the streets and college campuses of America. It didn’t start with Biden. It started with Obama. Obama opened the floodgates for eight long years. He let millions of illegals in.

Now Biden (and his boss Obama) have excellerated the foreign invasion on STEROIDS.

Now for the first time in the history of America, there are protestors openly screaming about murdering Jews. Coincidence?

Now for the first time in the history of America, we need National Guard troops to protect Jewish students. Coincidence?

Now for the first time in the history of America, there are Jewish professors demanding police escorts to walk onto their own campus. Coincidence?

Now for the first time in the history of America, mobs of thugs are attacking the homes of Jewish US Senators. Coincidence?

Biden (and his boss Obama), Kamala (the border czar who has never been to the border), DHS chief Mayorkas, and the entire Democrat Party have sold out to China and the Mexican Drug Cartels. They’ve taken billions in bribes.

And as a bonus, Democrats are betting millions of foreign voters means there will never be another Republican president.

They’ve turned us into a third world craphole. They’ve invited and welcomed in people who want to murder us. All of us. Not just Jews. Jews are just first on their list. They don’t just hate Jews. They hate Christians. They hate Americans. They hate freedom.

Open borders are why things have suddenly changed so dramatically.

That’s why a country that has always treated the Jewish people the best of any country in the world…a country that has never shown hatred for Jews…never seen protests against Jews…a country that has shown overwhelming support for Israel from the first day…

Is suddenly seeing anarchy and revolution in the streets…hatred for Jews…chants of “Death to America”…and crime exploding in big cities, run by Democrats, and filled with newly arrived illegal aliens.

Biden (and his boss Obama), and the entire Democrat Party have imported Gaza into America. And now the chickens have come home to roost.

Trump was right. America may never be the same.

We’re all Gaza now.

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