MSNBC hacks were left speechless during their latest report at a South Carolina barbershop.

One of the patrons told MSNBC “a lot” of his friends are voting for Trump.

But, wait! The fake news tells us the economy is strong and Joe Biden is great. Are they not being upfront with the American people?

MSNBC hack: There are some people in your orbit who are either voting for Donald Trump or considering it?

Young South Carolina voter: For sure. A lot of my friends are obviously my age, so we’re a little younger. We’ve only voted once for a president. And Trump is kind of all we know. And they’re kind of Trump and Biden, they’re like, well, we were broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump. And that’s kind of the only thing that I’m hearing and over and over again, over and over again, is that, well, Trump, we had money. Well, okay.

That rallying cry will only get louder as the election draws near.

Via Johnny Maga.

MSNBC sent a reporter to a black barbershop and one of the guests said “a lot” of his friends are voting for Trump

“We’re broke with Biden… we weren’t with Trump”

“With Trump, we had money”

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) February 2, 2024

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