Joe Biden arrived in Brownsville, Texas on Thursday for a drive-by photo-op border visit.

Brownsville is a desolate stretch with virtually no illegal alien invasion compared to other hot spots such as El Paso and Eagle Pass.

Trump supporters protested Biden’s arrival.


Biden reached this (calm) part of the border by driving through a gate in a border wall here. Pro-Trump protesters gathered on the other side.

— Josh Wingrove (@josh_wingrove) February 29, 2024

Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days in office to weaken border security.

Since then, millions of military-age men from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and China have invaded the US.

Americans are being murdered by Joe Biden’s illegal aliens and he responds by visiting a desolate part of the southern border in a choreographed photo-op.

Biden’s stiff gait as he shuffled along a calm part of the border in Brownsville shocked the public. He barely moved his arms as he struggled to walk.


Biden looks very confused as he begins his highly choreographed visit — shuffling along a desolate stretch of the border with no illegal aliens in sight

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 29, 2024

“Where am I going?” Biden said on a hot mic.


BIDEN CAUGHT ON HOT-MIC: “Where am I going?!”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 29, 2024

Trump is also at the Texas border, but he actually visited a place where Biden’s border invasion is much worse – Eagle Pass – hundreds of thousands of illegals have poured into Eagle Pass in the past few months.

WATCH: President Trump visits National Guard Border Headquarters with Gov. Greg Abbott in Eagle Pass, Texas

— RSBN (@RSBNetwork) February 29, 2024

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