Albanese jumps gun, removes King

PRIME Minister Anthony Albanese has commenced phasing out symbols of Australia’s constitutional monarchy, even before taking his planned changes to a referendum. 

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth last year, it was widely expected her image on Australia’s $5 note would be replaced by her successor King Charles. 

It is virtually neo-communism in action. President Xi could possibly learn a few tricks from Mr Albanese.
Philip Benwell
Chair, Australian Monarchist League

Yesterday, however, it was announced that the Monarch would be removed altogether, instead being replaced with Aboriginal imagery.

While the change was signalled by the Reserve Bank yesterday, it indicated the move had the backing of the Albanese government.


National Chair of the Australian Monarchist League Philip Benwell said Mr Albanese actions were underhanded and undemocratic.

“There has been no mention of any sort or any consultation with the people,” Mr Benwell said.

“It has been an arbitrary decision to promote the government’s agenda.”

Mr Benwell said the decision was typical of Mr Albanese’s continuing efforts to undermine Australian democracy.

“We see this with the government not providing any detail of proposed changes to the Constitution in regard to the Voice referendum, instead telling the people to leave it to the government,” he said.


Prior to the election last year Anthony Albanese took a republic off Labor’s platform but immediately following his election, unprecedentedly appointed an Assistant Minister for the Republic and this year will be spending potentially millions of taxpayer dollars to send that minister around the country to promote a republic.

“Now, before a referendum is held on whether the people want to retain the King as sovereign or opt for a President, this government has arbitrarily moved to discard the King’s image from Australia’s $5 note.

It is virtually neo-communism in action. President Xi could possibly learn a few tricks from Mr Albanese.

“It’s certainly not Australian democracy and it is certainly not what the people voted for in May 2022.

“In a few months Mr Albanese will be flying to London to attend the King’s Coronation. Yes, the very King he is working assiduously to topple.”

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton lashed the Prime Minister saying he was hiding behind the Reserve Bank.

While the RBA said the decision was made in consultation with the government, Mr Dutton said Mr Albanese was the driving force behind the change.

“There’s no question about this that it’s directed by the government and I think the Prime Minister should own up to it,” Mr Dutton told 2GB.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  King Charles. (courtesy 6PR)

7 thoughts on “Albanese jumps gun, removes King

  1. History cannot be erased as much as the Labor/Green Federal Government would like it to be. Charles is our rightful King and deserves our support. Without Britain, prosperous Australia as it stands today would not exist. We have so much to be thankful for. Most Australians have some Anglo-Saxon heritage even many mixed-blood indigenous people and those who chose to become Australians. I am proud to be Australian why can’t we all be united and proud of being Australian?

    1. Stop lying.
      If you were a proud Australian, you would want an Australian as our head of state.
      You would reject the trinkets and baubles of another country’s empire.
      You would object to our national identioty being a suck hole thank you note to another country.
      You would back Australia.
      You do not. So stop lying.

      1. Poor old Noel: his life is one continuous conniption.

        Hey Noel, why don’t you try and determine if there is something worthwhile in which you can invest all that energy you’re wasting? If you continue in your current vein, you will end up a sad and lonely old man who has been completely consumed by bitterness, and you will go to your grave regretting the fact that your life has been thoroughly pointless.

  2. Australian Aborigine instead of King Charles on the $5 banknote, why, look at the $50 banknote.

    Another republic referendum would be a waste of borrowed monies.

    The gross debt since May 2022 has now passed the forward estimate of $1 trillion from the $900 billion current account debt when the 2022/23 Budget was announced. Or is it now $1.1 trillion?

    Union Labor reason why is party political propaganda for their planned republic referendum ignoring the last republic referendum was rejected, as will the second voice to Parliament referendum would be rejected. Apart from being divisive the 1967 Referendum passed and changes to the Constitution were made, Labor established ATSIC by legislation and when it failed Parliament abolished ATSIC, no way should we allow Albanese Labor to change the Constitution, and noting they will not release the details and ask for voter’s trust.

  3. @ Noel Jones,

    The number of times I have heard commentators from the ABC say “Get on the right side of history!” supporting the regressive agendas of the globalists e.g. gay marriage, Late term abortion, euthanasia, the covid vaccines are safe and effective etc the more confident I am how wrong they are.

  4. Once I’ve stopped laughing, I kind of feel sorry for you pathetic little grovelling monarchist poodles, desperately clinging to the trinkets and baubles of another country’s empire

    Do you realise how silly you look?

    Read the room. The days of the foreign monarchy in Australia are numbered. Get on the right side of history.

    1. Commonwealth (republic) of Australia, Federation of State Governments that were previously Colonial Governments of the British Empire until 1901.

      Constitutional Monarchy, and the UK too, Act of Parliament 1930s removed the remaining powers of a Monarch for Great Britain and Commonwealth member nations. The Australia Act 1980s reinforced the UK Act.

      Commonwealth of Australia is a self governing democratic nation with a Governor General for constitutional law purposes and appointed by the Prime Minister of the Federal Government created by the Federation of States.

      In my opinion our Constitutional Monarchy Commonwealth of Australia offers a stable political system and wide ranging attactive benefits resulting in Australia being a multicultural nation that attracts new migrants seeking a better life and future.

      A far-left Union Labor republic with their appointed president would not be moving forward or even worth the changes.

      The system is not broken.


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