Party leaders revolt, call to sack NSW State Executive

LIBERAL branch presidents are in open revolt with one quitting the Party and another calling for the entire NSW State Executive to be sacked and replaced by an administrator. 

The moves come as a deluge of Party members vent their outrage with elected Liberal MPs who continue to embrace hard Left social and economic policies. 

It’s time to get the virtue-signalling gender rubbish out of education and to put some truth into the climate debate…
Liberal Party Branch President
NSW Division

In the past two weeks former Qld premier Campbell Newman quit the Party in “disgust” just days after long-time stalwart John Ruddick departed, describing the Liberal Party as a “lost cause”.

Last week, and perhaps most revealing, the Party’s Federal Vice-President Teena McQueen said she could no longer defend the Party after being “inundated” by members desperate to leave.


“The Liberal Party is in big trouble, the members are angry… This is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before,” she told Sky News anchor Alan Jones on Friday.

Artarmon Branch President Mark White, who joined the Young Liberals in the 1970s, was one such angry member – and is now an angry ex-member.

Mr White resigned his branch presidency and Party membership on Tuesday, accusing Liberal leadership of having no principles.

“I can no longer support a Party that pursues the positions of our political opponents, while evading the slightest interest in upholding Party principles,” he said in his resignation letter to members.

“After several years of concern at the direction of the Party – and the direction it is imposing on Australia – I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer attempt to conjure support.”

Mr White cited the Liberal’s disregard for small business, its “hysterical reactionism” and the hollowing out of Party values by its NSW Left faction as most concerning.

“In NSW, a Left-dominated cabinet has repeatedly underestimated the damage random lockdowns are visiting on small businesses – damage that simply doesn’t show up in ABS statistics,” he said.

“Those wonderful Australians who invest, take risk, build businesses, those mainstays of Coalition support since Menzies, have been utterly betrayed.

“At a federal level, a succession of Liberal prime ministers has seen fit to advance both the scale and reach of government in our already over-egged polity.”


Mr White said such actions were “against the grain” of Party principles.

“We now have a national cabinet that accepts reckless decision-making, fantasy road-maps and the debasement of the Constitution, while hiding behind unelected bureaucrats,” he said.

“As a result, balanced decision-making has given way to hysterical reactionism.”

Perhaps Mr White’s most pointed critique was reserved for Left-wing extremists who had infiltrated the Party and wrested control.

“It’s increasingly clear to me that reform of the NSW Liberal Party is not possible while a subservient Right leadership is doing deals with the Left,” he said. 

“The main reason members are leaving, almost all of who are centre-Right conservatives, is due to the actions of other conservatives, known as the Relm, who are selling out grassroots principles to the Left faction. 

“This compromise of conservative values has rewarded a handful of Relm factional players – including Ms McQueen – with trinkets such as executive positions, lower house seats and cabinet positions. 

“But the true cost has come by passing legislation that would otherwise be expected of Labor and The Greens. 

“These silly deals with the Left have so hollowed-out the Party, its moral compass has been irretrievably lost. 

“Make no mistake, the juvenile prescriptions of the Turnbulls, Keans and Zimmermans are not the prescriptions of true conservative Liberals.”


Another fed-up Liberal branch president has written to Ms McQueen demanding she move to sack the entire NSW State Executive.

The Northern Beaches-based branch president – who shared his letter with Party members – told the Federal Vice-President the only way forward was to remove State Executive and place the NSW Division under administration.

Such a move would open the way, he said, for a review of “unchecked” Liberal policies that had corrupted the Party.

“It’s time to get the virtue signalling, PC, gender rubbish out of our education system and to put some truth into the climate change debate,” he wrote.

“We need to introduce plebiscites at every level of the NSW Party – as voted for by 75 per cent of members who attended the Liberal Party’s biggest ever convention at Rosehill.

 “Only then will we get the Party leaders and candidates we deserve.”PC

42 thoughts on “Party leaders revolt, call to sack NSW State Executive

  1. Have been a liberal voter & member since 1962,except for backstabbing Turnbull, Gladys & Morrison 2022 have always voted LP,while the Labour/Lites have infiltrated the party what is the alternative for long standing Conservative voters,who like me are now gone & seeking alternatives.

    1. For mine I’ve joined the Liberal Democrats (Libertarian Party). We have John Ruddick elected into the NSW upper house, and David Limbrick MLC in Victoria. Look at how they are voting and at the party principles and you’ll find something much closer to the small government values the Liberals still claim to represent.

  2. The trouble is that bureaucracies country wide are dominated by the left. It is the bureaucrats who are pushing the woke agenda.

    Politicians don’t get a say – especially in Education.

    It’s an appalling “state” of affairs.

    Plus the State Lib executive needs a good clean-out.

    And the replacements need to be honest brokers.

    However, we need to do it after the election beacuse as we saw in the recent Fed election, squabbling and divisions will see us out of office.

  3. It seems we should put all the Left in a group & demand that they relinquish the name of Liberal Party, with whom they have little common ground, and change their name to something along the lines of the Australian Left Party. In any business forum it would be illegal to usurp the title of another corporation in the way the Left has done to the Australian Liberal Party with which they have no kindred values and to which they no longer bear any resemblence. Perhaps the real Liberal Party should sue this Left faction under Patent Law for attempting to usurp the Liberal Brand name.

    1. Starting with the previous member for Mackellar who did absolutely nothing for his constituents and has now been given the prized blue ribbon job. Never was and never will be a Liberal Party President’s bootlace.

  4. It should be used by its real name treason! For years now they have relied, like Labor on the stuck on voters! Well the stuck on voters have had enough of them all and will be moving to UAP and One Nation as they have the policies Libs used to have! So following Craig Kelly who was smart enough to clear the decks and Pauline and Malcolm Roberts the new two party preferred 🙂

  5. we don’t need two labour parties, I resigned about five years back, explained my , check check concerns , no reply very sad.

  6. There needs to be some sort of screening system, to rid the party of all except true conservatives. Any member who supports obviously leftist policies needs to be ejected from the party. Why are these people with clearly leftist policies allowed to inhabit the Liberal Party at all?

  7. The coalition has been in government long enough to deal with one of the major problems and that is the poison of the ABC. This body is not in the best interests of Australian. Look at the latest with the destruction of Christian Porter’s political career. Only silence from the minister of communications or the PM. The media in Australia is no longer what used to be professional journalism. The Liberal Party is only part of the problem. The Labor Party has deteriorated also. Each day we say amongst one another “could things become any crazier” . A plan was hatched to destroy all that we have known and made sense and harmony and replace it all with Marxism. All the bodies or panels have now been dominated by very determined leftists e.g. Bruce Pascoe being given a professorship and awards for a book of fiction called Dark Emu. The same for the Archibald and so it goes. The ‘climate’ of most things has got to change and we need to take back our Australia. It needs to start at the ballot box. I now call my self a second nations person, it is my country having been born here and I can welcome people with care, consideration and love without any smoke needed. Sanity has to return. I worry about a split of the voting by so many people who have been in despair for a long time. Put God back into our lives. Please read Noel Pearson’s wonderful article re the Euthanasia legislations sweeping across this land. The Australian Sept 18-19th 2021.

  8. The most recent actions of the NSW Liberal Exec and the behaviour of Gladys and her supporters is frightening!
    The new appointment of a Head of Her Premiers Dept is frightening!
    He comes from Victoria bureaucracy through the Planning Dept and now is the most senior bureaucrat in NSW!
    It is claimed he was a former Communist Party member and is perceived as the most Woke and PC person in the NSW SES bureaucracy

  9. When I still belonged in the Liberal Party ,I was a branch and conference president and also sat on the state executive, the rot started to set in then, it was at the time when Greg Bartels was in charge in NSW head quarters. A large committee went to HQ to prevent a preselection confirmation taking place, the committee was just brushed away. Branch stacking was the candidate’s game. The candidate was elected but later ended up before ICAC, all our fears were right. The party HQ had started to lose value for the party, went for consultation to highly paid consultants instead of surveying the party members on issues. What does it stand for now? There are still conservatives out of the party hoping it will come back together again, myself , I have no hope , after 50 years in politics I keep saying if they were serious they would have removed the poison to the nation that is the ABC from the taxpayer’s expenditure and woken up to what the Paris Accord is for starters. The party has gone woke and we know where that leads and it is a word starting with “B”. They haven’t even kicked Malcolm out the door.

  10. Frightening performance by Hazard last year and this and especially in the Select Committee meeting!!

  11. After 60 years being a liberal voter & being a member & worker for the party in the Fraser era, I now find I am looking to the minor parties in an endeavour to secure true conservative values.

    1. Oh please don’t, we definitely don’t need those hollier than thou, woke fools running our country. They’re all nothing more than “look at me, look at me” people! Bring back the true politicians like Bronwyn Bishop and John Howard; the politicians that cared.

  12. After 60 years as a Liberal Party voter & a member & worker in the Fraser era, sadly with what has happened to the party, I am now faced with looking @ the minor parties to endeavour to ensure I can still find true conservative values.

  13. Real change will only take one State and Federal election cycle whereby a significant vote is redirected to true independent candidates. The resultant minority Government, forced as it will be to work with a range of grass roots and locally focused members will be a kick in the two parties gonads. What happens from there will be either substantive, visible major party change, continuation of minority Government in coalition with independents or a coalition of independents into a viable third party.

  14. Is the Liberal party retrievable? I very much doubt that in 2021 it is?

    Menzies spoke of Small-l creep in the 70’s and the malaise has continued and amplified since that time. The party elites believe they own the party and effectively they now do. They have removed any form of democracy from the operation and direction of the party as they open defy party members and the ever diminishing base of core voters.

    Never more than today have we needed a strong Liberal Party and yet the party that bears the Menzies legacy and the Liberal badge is in no way representative of that base.
    My belief is that we need a reborn Liberal party, a party that will represent the majority, all the quiet Australians, all the disaffected ex party members, and all those who want a government that desires to enhance peoples lives and freedoms rather than one which meddles with how they live.

    I’ll leave the question out there? Is Liberal recoverable or should it go the way of predecessors UAP and Nationalist to be replaced by a truly representative organisation?

  15. This is a highly critical time. People are dying or being “allowed to die”, data & information withheld or falsified while a “medical emergency” is parodied. Craig Kelly, Senator Roberts, Pauline Hanson, & a couple of others perhaps not tied to the globalistic faction, actually speak up for humanity. The rest seem to have lost any form of it.

  16. I think the Govt. hopefully sees the writing on the wall. Many people have good moral compasses perhaps based on God given wisdom. Watching the tearing down of God based values to prepare for global elitist marxist over governance is the most damning thing this Govt is doing. Members need to have the courage to speak out for truth to regain the respect of any elector.

    1. Mary, maybe the God you speak of is making His own point in the much more corrupt, fanatical & egotistical Nthn Hemisphere with their man made global warming spin. They are certainly getting global warming up there, and many would argue that it is of their own making. And the others – well maybe they should have built Arks instead of windmills.

  17. I am another totally disgruntled member and fully agree that the Executive must be removed to allow the party any chance of returning to its true conservative base and thus opening the door for many past long serving party members to return to the fold.

  18. Ever since the do-nothing Fraser years (1975-83), the Libs have had no understanding of Classical Liberal principles in order to refute so much of the Treny-Wendy kissy-kissy leftist arguments. Thus, the drift will be constantly to the Left in all parties. I suggest a good dose of reading of economics and the philosophical basis of Free Enterprise principles….Authors Friedrich von Hayek, Murray Rothbard, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Thomas Sowell would be a good start.

    1. I disagree, true Liberals John Howard, Brendan Nelson, Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison and noting that the last three have been the subject of relentless negativity and character assassination, unfortunately much of it coming from LINO lefties and their anonymous briefings of like minded media.

      The Turnbull LINO wreckers should have been subjected to a party membership revolt a long time ago, and their globalist fellow travellers and their junk science politics ignored.

      1. Well, a start would be expelling Turdball, but McQueen said on PM she would not do this. It’s stupid, expelling the rotten old ghost would have great symbolic value.

  19. Very loyal party people are stating the obvious. What members must decide is whether or not they love their country, and if they will fight to save it. If we allow the liberal left to take over then we will lose the next election and assign our kids and grandkids to a dreadful future. Everyone saw what happened to Venezuela, which is what gradually awaits Australia with the liberal greens in town. Do we all love our kids and our environment, or not! The greens won’t allow clearing of fuel from forests, so will certainly set the place on fire.

    We have already seen what has happened to power bills, to manufacturing, and what is starting to happen to people’s jobs, all in pursuit of the green dream. Now is the time to have an internal war, well before the next election. We must kick out the liberal green left from NSW, NOW, then our needed and disaffected will return to fight the next election. We cannot win from the left, and even if we did, we would still have neither a future nor hope to offer our country.

    1. Manufacturing: Start with the Whitlam Labor Government signing the UN Lima Protocol/Agreement during 1975 to a transfer manufacturing industry to developing nations, China for example.

      Then consider UN Agenda 21 – Sustainability signed by the Keating led Labor Government around 1990, now Agenda 30 and others including UN IPCC climate hoax modelling Copenhagen Conference, Kyoto Conference and Paris Conference and resulting emissions reduction agreements, ignoring that climate changes naturally, Earth Cycles, and that there have been warmer periods that the present scare campaign tipping point.

      Wake up politicians, Australia achieved the Kyoto emissions targets and is one of the very few signatory nations that did, and now is on track to meet Paris emissions targets, but the climate hoaxers continue too demand more from us, like the University of NSW staffer warning today that Australia is getting hotter faster than other countries and must do more to reduce emissions. Enough of this propaganda.

      1. By the way, where was the Union Movement when Whitlam Labor signed away employee’s places of employment?

  20. Mark White’s parting comments are spot-on. The Liberals are unworthy of those who’ve supported them for so long. Good luck finding enough people to man booths. Good luck winning North Queensland marginals. Adopting the positions if not the literal policies of the inner-urban fringe greens has its costs. The Liberals are about to find out the hard way what that cost really is.

  21. will be a great day the day all the hard lefties are sacked from the Liberal Party

      1. Biden seems determined to follow Boris Johnson down the path of insanity towards a ban on sale of internal combustion engined cars in 2030. It will take a while for their electorates to wake up to the fact that most of them will no longer be able to afford a new car. When they do, expect complete societal melt-down. Still, neither Biden nor Johnson will be active in politics then, if active at all. It will be their successors who deal with the economic and social consequences. If Matt Kean is premier of NSW by then, or God forbid Australian PM, he’ll have to manage the break up of the Federation. Some states, or regions within states, simply won’t cop it.

  22. The destruction from within by Turncoat’s traitors, continuing from Gough Whitlam’s time has finally decayed the party to becoming the same as Labor/Greens. As we are forced to vote for liberal or Labor, we effectively have a one party state.
    As it was done deceptively, this is of great concern. With all the smear that was heaped on One Nation (they smear those they fear) it is unlikely that they will suddenly receive the magic 50% + 1. Even with the bucketloads of absurd propaganda out there that anyone with an IQ above 60 should be having an Emperor’s New Clothes moment to bust, the number of stubborn Santa Claus believers is still too high.
    For those that have not been willing to maintain the numbers in the diseased liberal party, they must seriously contemplate joining Liberal Democrats or One Nation. To quote Plato-“One of the pitfalls of not taking an interest in politics is that you find yourself being ruled by your inferiors.”
    It is essential for our freedom that all patriots participate directly by being a member of a party and/or helping out on election day and before.
    Freedom is in the hands of the People.

    1. Well, there’s no point in resigning and joining a micro-party. How did Corey Bernardi go? Where is the Australian Liberal Alliance today? The Liberal franchise has high recognition outside political tragics, aka the party membership, and like the ALP, remains one of two parties of government. The micro parties are parties of protest, not power. I was at Rosehill in 2017 when we voted for a more conservative agenda. We’re not there yet. We need recruit and win through sheer force of numbers, not resign and sulk in obscurity.

      1. Menzies formed the Liberal party from a coalition of liberal conservative interests. United those micro -party groups easily hold the potential to quickly become a predominant and truly representative political force. The Liberal party has made every effort to defy the will and wishes that were outlined at Rosehill.
        You cannot recruit from within, those who’ve defied the members control the recruitment process. They’ve made Liberal as it stands unrepresentative and irrelevant.

      2. “The micro parties are parties of protest, not power.”

        …and the major parties are parties not of power, but of rampant amorality, rank incompetence, and high treason.

        If you don’t wish to support a small party then don’t vote for them, but you should keep in mind that anyone who votes for a major party, or who supports them in any way at all, is complicit by their acquiescence in the deliberate and calculated destruction of Australia’s culture and economy, the end goal of which is our forced incorporation in a global socialist order.

        Is that what you really want?

  23. The Liberal party is imploding. Well overdue and deserved. They have ignored and abandoned the Australian people, now the Australian people are ignoring and abandoning them. The ALP cannot gloat either, the chardonnay inner city socialists are next. The common man is rising up and it is glorious to watch.

  24. Hold the Line conservatives.

    If our political direction follows the Republican RINO Hunters (America First Agenda), our LINO’s will be gone in 18 months.

    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath.

  25. Liberals In Name Only (LINO) Members of Parliaments and on the NSW Executive of the Liberal Party of Australia, the LINO that referred to the Coalition in Government as The Turnbull Party, have badly damaged the party and many voters no longer trust the party to represent the centre to centre-right position that Menzies’ Australian Liberal Party occupied.

  26. “Party leaders revolt […]”

    I’ve always thought of many of the Liberal Socialist Party’s leaders as being revolting.

    1. And how about the Union controlled and managed Australian Labor Party and its various factions, often at war, and the far-left domination of the parliamentary ALP?

      The fact is that both major parties, or three including Coalition partners, have become one globalist inspired and influenced mob of ratbags, very dangerous ratbags threatening sovereignty of our nation.

  27. Yes there needs to be a revolt now to stop this insanity before it is too late and this great country is ruined.


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