Albo’s nation-destroying agenda a ‘life’s ambition’

by DAVID FLINT – VISITING the NSW Hawkesbury-Nepean floodplain, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently declared that his government had altered Australia’s position on climate change “from day one”. 

Relying on that non-existent entity which politicians employ like some pagan goddess, he claimed “the science” tells us that unless we take action globally “on climate change, then these events, extreme weather events, would be more often and more intense”. 

The fact is no other nation is going to commit suicide on the basis of a discredited theory and the folly of net-zero.

Meanwhile, it is clear that China, Russia and India have absolutely no intention of closing down the development of their economies to achieve net-zero emissions.

In addition, it is likely that after the next presidential election, the US will again abandon the Paris diktat.

Nor, to avoid the retribution of their voters, will the leading European powers actually observe its terms.

The fact is no other nation is going to commit suicide on the basis of a discredited theory and the folly of net-zero. This will increase the pressure on Australia’s elites to abandon their betrayal of the people, especially of the young.

But if they eventually do abandon this folly, they will still have done enormous damage.

If they don’t, it will surely be time for Australians to take back their country, by all legal and democratic means possible.

In the meantime, let us return to the Prime Minister’s comments.

Since crucial parts of climate science are clearly unsettled, citing “the science” as his authority for what may be termed “the Albanese theory of extreme climate events” is hardly justified.

Even the UN’s IPCC does not dare do this. This is because scientific observations, over a century, show that most types of extreme weather events across the world either do not show any significantly worsening or are less common or less severe.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology warns that we may be about to experience a La Niña event three years in a row, something rare but not unprecedented.

Indeed, flooding on the Hawkesbury-Nepean plain has been known from the early days of British settlement and apparently before by the indigenous people.

There are records of floods, several larger than the most recent, in the years 1801, 1806, 1809, 1852, 1893, 1916, 1927, 1934, 1955 and 1974. And this is not an exhaustive list.

Much of this occurred, incidentally, well before a world in which motor cars and electricity were even available, much less the norm.

The reason so many people have been so badly affected by recent flooding is not global warming. It is first, the decision by the Hawke government, curiously followed by both sides since, to block what is absolutely necessary for the future of Australia, serious dam-building programs such as prescribed in the Bradfield, Beale and Bridge Plans.

Second, it is in allowing developers to build and sell urban housing on floodplains. Consistent with calls for integrity, politicians should be accountable in appropriate cases, personally and not merely under the civil law, just as businesses are for parallel offences.

And as Senator Matt Canavan says, what journalists should be asking Mr Albanese is when will his policy, for which we are already paying and will pay so much more for far less reliable electricity, result in no floods and no droughts?

This sort of interrogation should be addressed to those members of the elites who are so curiously dedicated to what Alan Jones and Terry McCrann long ago described as “signing a national suicide note”.

In the meantime, was anyone delighted to hear that the Treasury is again pouring more money down the drain on modelling the effect of climate change on the economy, restarting “work” sensibly abandoned for almost a decade?

As the great Anglo-American mathematician, Professor George Box, once famously warned, “All models are wrong but some are useful”.

Dr Steven E Koonin, a pioneer in computer modelling, is a leader in science policy in the US, serving as undersecretary for science in the Obama administration.

In his magisterial exposé of warmist extremism, Unsettled (2021), he points out that while computer modelling is central to climate science, uncertainties in modelling make it impossible today to provide reliable quantitative statements about the relative risks and consequences and benefits of rising greenhouse gases to the Earth system as a whole, let alone to specific regions of the planet.

The problem is that the climate is so chaotic it is impossible to simulate it in a model.

One “stunning problem”, he says, is that later generations of models are actually more uncertain than the earlier ones.

The proof of their inadequacy, he says, is in their failure to reproduce retrospectively the warming observed from 1910 to 1940.

Dr Koonin reveals something appalling, indeed deceitful, in IPCC Reports.

Although the models can disagree wildly with each other, what we are presented with is an averaging of those models.

This completely undermines the predictions our politicians and media present as accurate to a fraction of a degree.

The conclusion must be that the projections of future climate and weather events, which are thrown at us daily, are demonstrably unfit for purpose.

So, thank you, Treasurer Chalmers, for wasting even more of our money!

And thank you too, Warringah MP Zali Steggall, for explaining your most curious objection to nuclear power.

This is that it cannot be turned on quickly when the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow.

Now that uranium expert Tony Gray has demonstrated from UK experience that nuclear power is in fact significantly cheaper than “renewables”, and anyway emits no CO2, why would anyone rational fill in with “renewables”?

When will our elites in politics, big business and the mainstream media admit that there is no advantage and every disadvantage in Australia adhering to the net-zero folly?PC

David Flint

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy University of Queensland)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on July 16, 2022. Re-used with permission.

23 thoughts on “Albo’s nation-destroying agenda a ‘life’s ambition’

  1. Albanese will go down in history as the most divisive PM Australia has ever had to endure – far worse than Whitlam – and he was bad enough. Just look at our situation now and how bitterly hateful the ‘Yes’ campaigners have become. Imagine what it will be like when the referendum fails – and it will all be due to one of Albanese’s ‘life ambitions’.

  2. Before proceeding to advantage electric vehicles with more subsidies etc consider that most of our electricity (world’s largest interconnected electricity grid) comes from fossil fuelled power stations, in other words steam driven generators. Hydro power stations have a minor role but wind and solar are intermittent, unreliable and supply on and off less than a quarter of our electricity grid.

    So in Australia an EV is recharged from mostly fossil fuel generators, but burning liquid fossil fuel in an internal combustion engine is far more efficient than using fossil fuelled power stations to generate electricity.

    The cost to the economy, taxpayers and consumers for the transitions to wind and solar, and electric vehicles, is a disgraceful squandering of our monies.

  3. The fact is with computers and modelling: garbage in, garbage out.

    And as the hacked and then published emails between IPCC climate modelling “scientists” revealed around the time of the UN IPCC Copenhagen Conference, referred to at the time as “climate gate 1 and climate gate 2”, including their exchanges of comments reflecting on what might happen if their creative accounting was discovered.

    Mathematician (Hereditary Lord) Christopher Monckton (UK) conducted an audit of the IPCC climate modelling and discovered inaccurate historic record data and reported that the modelling was badly flawed, unreliable. He was immediately condemned, not a scientist (he never claimed to be), the science is settled (Monckton audited figures and compared data), and he was banned from speaking at IPCC functions.

    Doctor Jennifer Marohasy in Australia together with colleagues audited Bureau of Meteorology media releases and other information and wrote to the Abbott Coalition Government Minister listing the errors and omissions they had discovered and that BoM releases did not match historic weather record data, including not using records earlier than 1910 and therefore excluding very hot weather periods.

    Apparently Prime Minister Abbott recommended to Cabinet that an independent audit be conducted, due diligence at the BoM, but could not obtain a majority supporting his proposal. However, in reply to a letter from the Minister to BoM management an admission of errors and omissions was provided in reply and an undertaking that steps would be taken to rectify the situation in future. According to later reports from Dr Marohasy and her colleagues the situation continues.

  4. At least Albo does not lie about the constitution.

    He knows the GG is appointed by the monarch, acts for the monarch, answers to the monarch, swears allegiance to the monarch, takes instructions from the moanrch, can be over ruled by the monarch, and serves only at the pleasure of the monarch.

    He knows the monarch’s appointed representative can never be Australia’s head of state.

      1. The Australian Constitution has given the Australian people a Christian Constitutional Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the Sovereign of Australia, but the Australian Constitution delegates all of the Monarch’s power to the Governor General, who is the practical Head of State of the Commonwealth of Australia.

        Some people are working to change Australia’s political system to a Secular Republic, with a President as the Head of State. The present Australian system of Westminister style of government, through the reserve powers of the Sovereign, as exercised by the Governor General, ensures that there is no concentration of power in one person or institution, as is the case in most of the Republics around the world.

        This site has been prepared by members of the community. We are concerned that Australians are being encouraged to change our Constitution without really knowing what we are changing from. We are also concerned that many do not understand the implications of such proposals as a presidential system of government without a Governor General and without a Sovereign as Queen of Australia.

        The Constitution belongs to the People of Australia, not the politicians. Australia was the first country to choose its Constitution by free, uncoerced and peaceful means. It has enabled Australians, for over 100 years, to enjoy a continuous period of liberty envied the world over.

        1. The monarch is the UK’s head of state.
          The GG is the monarch’s appointed representative.
          They can never be equal. They can never be peers. They can never both be heads of state.

          1. My comprehension is perfect.
            Unlike you, I can read.
            Unlike you, I do not lie about the constitution.
            I know that the GG is inferior and subordinate to another country’s head of state, therefore cannot be a head of state themselves.

          2. I’m just waiting for you to explain how one person can be both inferior and equal to another, at the same time… the GG can be both the monarch’s appointed representative and the monarch’s peer, at the same time.

            But other than lame reposts of website copy, you seem to have given up. You’re not even trying. Perhaps you recognise the idiocy of your argument.

          3. “I’m just waiting for you to explain how one person can be both inferior and equal to another, at the same time […]”

            You’re obviously no student of theology either – apparently the extent of your ignorance knows no bounds, and I imagine that you never relieve yourself unless there’s a strong breeze blowing into which you can urinate.

        2. Question, Why are the states, and Federal Government Ignoring The Australian Constitution Act 1901, Question 2, Why are they allowed to Sell water, I believe this is covered in the constitution under section 51, sec 23. ?

  5. Come on Albo, all we want is your “science ” to guarantee us no more floods, fires or climate hoax catastrophes, surely not to much to ask?

    1. I want my electricity bill annual cost cut Albo promised during the election campaign.

      1. “I want my electricity bill annual cost cut Albo promised during the election campaign.”

        Hear, hear!

        Isn’t it interesting that the average annual saving he promised was $274? Not $250, not $300, but *exactly* $274. I wonder how he arrived at that figure – perhaps he made use of “computer modelling”.

  6. There are two standard types of nuclear reactor, firstly boiling water reactors (BWR), which simply heat up water until it boils to spin turbines and generate electricity. Secondly, pressurised water reactors (PWR), which heat up water to close to boiling point before this water is pumped into a separate supply of water. In this compartment, it becomes steam that is used to powers a turbine.

    As compared to a coal fired power station that also uses steam to power a steam turbine to drive electricity generator units.

    1. The accountable working life for a power station is usually fifty years however when well maintained the machinery could continue for at least eighty years subject to costs and benefits from new technology if replaced.

      On average wind turbines must be removed and replaced every twenty years, to match a power station original plus two replacements to achieve sixty years, so not so cheap when all operating costs are taken into account. And then add the “firming” back up equipment replacements, batteries every ten years average. Add the transmission lines now being demanded to increase transmission efficiency from wind and solar energy installations not required for the power stations.

      And then consider the several billion dollars a year of our tax monies handed to so called renewable energy supply businesses for profit, specific subsidies as incentives.

      Next consider the taxpayer’s monies being handed to private sector businesses in compensation when they are required to shut down, to stop using electricity during crisis periods due to instability of the electricity grid when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun does not shine at night and on cloudy days.

      Is it therefore a surprise that our electricity costs are rising, that we no longer have the reliability and low cost electricity we had before Federal Labor’s Renewable Energy Target and State Labor governments privatising publicly owned electricity supply, power stations and transmission lines?

  7. The entire system is totally corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.
    If the people representing State and Federal Governments have/want ties, associations, partnerships, memberships, sponsorships, revolving doors with any Corporations, Companies, Groups, Government / NG Departments or anyone, any Group or anything whatsoever THEY CANNOT AND MUST NOT PULL THE MANDATE CAPER ! No Gunpoint Medicine ever! as this is a most serious crime / corruption/conflicts of interest and the most abhorrent violation of Informed Consent / Nuremberg Principles / Nuremberg Code on a massive scale and they all must be held responsible and accountable for these atrocious crimes against our populations. The corruption and conflicts of interest are so extensive that the truth in Australia will never be told by all those involved in these crimes against innocent populations but I think all those who have been a part of this appalling Tyranny are going to pay the price for their treasonous lawless disgusting Tyrannical actions.

  8. Lets use Thorium instead of uranium for thermal power generation as its cheaper to build power plants using this.
    Its also has no damaging radiation so has no toxic waste to dispose of.
    It does have the disadvantage that it is rather useless to make an atomic bomb from.
    Yes this technology is being developed in India and China.
    I guess its too much to expect our govt would trust the CSRIO to get this going in Australia so we can actually own our essential services instead of some international corporation

  9. The (EXPENSIVE) Brave New World of ‘Clean Energy ‘

    To RDA, The people should be very grateful for your article giving them the truth about this “green energy con” and it must be stopped – it’s absolutely insane how Globalists/corporate masters/ treacherous Politicians have destroyed so much of our world as we once knew it. And through the fraudulent Pandemic Scamdemic the globalists added massive fortunes to their already massive fortunes whilst so many lost Jobs homes lives and The damage and destruction and deaths from the Clot Shot jab injections and no Mandates should ever have been enacted especially so with the entire system corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.
    In 2021 we all noticed Price rises in everything and I mean everything it’s got to stop !! – food prices, petrol, toxic neurotoxic and carcinogenic fluoridated water supplies already costing the people a fortune !! Both in cost and Harm to Long term health ! shocking and even a council rates rise in July 2021 and now another rise in July 2022.

    The poor homeless people, the rent crisis and the rent increases, the loan interest increase and the destruction of so many small businesses All part of the monstrous Globalist Build Back Better Deadly Con it’s not build back better it’s Globalists/ Elites and Their treacherous treasonous political accomplices/ Totalitarian Lunatics Regimes taking control of OUR WORLD.
    The World Economic Forum / Globalists/ WHO et al have Infiltrated most Democratic Countries’ Parliaments and this has to be addressed before full throttle Totalitarianism is here permanently.
    As well as the Covid Plandemic Scamdemic corona virus is the common cold, they will like in America interfere with food supply, surprise they’re already doing this too.
    Electricity prices Up and the mob we’re with killed our pensioner discount. They continue over time to keep reducing the feed in tariff and in 2028 I believe it is ALL feed in tariffs will be killed.
    GREEN ENERGY is another globalist scam which is going to cost the population so much.
    This is all part of the global total takeover of democratic countries by globalists/ World Economic Forum / World Health Organisation / UN et al and the treacherous treasonous politicians who are salivating at their Tyrannical Power.
    Only the people globally can stop this happening to arise in peace and love for what once was our beautiful free countries.
    I am confident that there is a lot of wonderful honorable Law Enforcement Officers who don’t like what’s been happening and they and their children and grandchildren and so on and extended families and friends, surely also would not want to live under Tyrannical Government Totalitarian Regimes controlling EVERY Aspect of our what will be totally miserable lives.
    We want our democratic country back, our full freedoms rights and choices and to live our lives in peace love honour kindness respect for everyone and everything and do not allow the destruction of it.

      1. The brown coal fired power stations and electricity grid in Victoria, interconnected to the interstate grids, were based on WW1 German power stations by General Sir John Monash, a civil engineer.

        Today the ridiculous transition to unreliable energy sources wind and solar are based on stupidity, no engineer would recommend it.


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