Andrews’ Police: To Serve & Brutalise

by PAUL COLLITS – VICTORIA’s militarised police excelled themselves for thuggery during the worst days of lockdowns, which even the Chinese Communist Party – Premier Daniel Andrews’ controllers – thought was a little rich. 

All of this before Andrews’ bizarrely nonchalant pronouncement from on high in 2022 that “COVID exceptionalism was over”. Time to move on. 

This amounts to the criminalisation of the criminal justice system. The system that was, once, a long time ago, designed to protect citizens.

But some of us will not move on just yet. One who is not moving on is Mark A Tarrant, Producer & Director of Tudsbury Films in Sydney.

He writes: “We have interviewed for our documentary the mother (Margaret) and mental health social worker (Donna) of Dan Peterson-English, who was slammed to the floor of Flinders St Station by a policeman during the lockdown in Victoria – Donna said the earphones Dan was wearing saved him from greater brain injury as they absorbed the impact when he hit the floor with the side of his head.


“She showed us the broken headphones. Dan now lives in a care home with a fulltime carer. The police gave him a payout and have gagged him from speaking – but his mum can speak.

“Dan was an artistic and popular child at primary school – as per his school report he was chosen to attend classes for gifted students. We are flying to Melbourne again this weekend to recreate his train journey to Flinders St Station – his mum will be telling his story during the train journey.”

The incident occurred in September 2021. This is chilling stuff. Sickening.

Those who witnessed (on film) some of the excesses of Andrews’ police State will remember the rubber bullets fired into the backs of street protesters, grandmothers forced to the ground under volleys of pepper spray and pregnant mothers arrested in their home for social media posts.

Did the low-information, look-the-other-way, amoral Victorians who rewarded Andrews with a fresh electoral mandate in November 2022 not know this was happening? Perhaps they didn’t. Censorship works magnificently.

Victorians are known for being woke, not awake. And as Tucker Carlson – much in the news of late – has said, humans wish to be herded and pushed around in the name of security.

Victorian is a modern-day Hobbesian kingdom. It is not even remotely a simulacrum of a decent modern democracy.

But for those of us who saw the brutality in Melbourne, nothing quite compared with the grisly head slam at Flinders Station. Right in the heart of the city. It was, literally, unbelievable.

Police settle Flinders St cop tackle case out of court. I bet they did.

As reported in Melbourne’s Herald Sun: “Victoria Police has settled out of court with a mentally ill Indigenous man who was assaulted by an officer — but the “frail” man’s lawyer wants more done. [emphasis added].

So, VicPol picked on an Aborigine with mental health issues. There is a grim irony here, in the Victorian State of Woke which has treaties with Indigenous peoples and shouts endlessly about the rights of the disabled.


The Victoria Police Aboriginal Inclusion Strategy runs to twenty pages: “The Aboriginal Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan sets out our commitment and vision for Aboriginal inclusion. The strategy provides us with a road map to ensure that we are focused on delivering the required leadership, workplace behaviours and practices to foster an organisation where all employees feel respected, valued and are able to contribute at their best.”

Not a good look, then. Pity they didn’t offer the same level of respect to Indigenous protesters. Or to any protesters, for that matter.

We turn to VicPol’s attention to the disabled: “Victoria Police is committed to becoming a more inclusive and accessible organisation for people with disability, their families and carers, both in service delivery and as an employer. Victoria Police acknowledges the significant barriers that people with disability experience when accessing the justice system.”

The Accessibility Action Plan also runs to twenty pages.

I guess we might say – try a lot harder. For a start, don’t smash their heads on concrete floors because they dissent from immoral laws.

The attack on this protester was vicious and consequential for the man’s health.

According to a News Ltd report: “The lawyer for a man who was slammed into the floor of Melbourne’s Flinders St railway station by a police officer says the incident caused a ‘severe psychiatric reaction’.

“Kim Bainbridge, the principal of Garden and Green Lawyers, said the incident, in September 2021, compounded the man’s previous trauma and he would be taking legal action.

“In video of the confronting incident, Mr Bainbridge’s client is approached from behind and thrown to the ground by a Victoria Police officer.

“ ‘He had pre-existing mental health issues which have been exacerbated by the trauma that he suffered at the hands of this police officer,’ Mr Bainbridge said.

“The officer involved was suspended after the footage first surfaced and has since been charged with recklessly causing injury, unlawful assault and common law assault.”


Then there was this from the UK’s Daily Mail: “Cop who shocked Australia after body slamming a lockdown protestor to the ground at city train station is cleared after his case is thrown out of court.

“But Magistrate Rob Stary discharged the case on Friday saying the jury could not possibly conclude the officer had criminal intent and acted unlawfully at the time.”

Rob Stary. Hero?

Really. This amounts to the criminalisation of the criminal justice system. The system that was, once, a long time ago, designed to protect citizens.

The Victorian “justice” system is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Daniel Andrews establishment. He bought up the police force years ago. It seems that the criminal justice system is controlled opposition as well. The man is untouchable.

Acting Sergeant Beau Barrett goes free. Let loose to continue his peculiar brand of law enforcement. Only in Victoria. It is just fortunate that there are truth-tellers out there willing to keep fighting. Perhaps Ned Kelly had a point.

The victim, Daniel Peterson-English, had attended the anti-lockdown rally held on September 22, 2021 and had been taunting police at the train station before the incident, the court heard.

Witness Jacob Wright told the court Mr Peterson-English was “swearing and rambling” as he filmed officers.

A recording was played in court which revealed the protester calling the police “Nazis”, “dogs” and “pigs”.

Other witnesses said they heard him “barking”, “laughing like The Joker” and “making noises like The Exorcist”.

Mr Peterson-English then slipped while he was being taken down and landed on his head, the court heard.

Nope. Rambling? We can’t have rambling. He didn’t slip. He was smashed to the ground, with nothing remotely resembling reasonable, proportionate force. Nazis? Yep. Good call.


This was a perfectly reasonable assessment of his attackers. Attackers employed by the State. Employed by the taxpayers of Victoria. Why were there even cops there? A bigger, relevant question seemingly beyond the remit of the court.

When the justice system merges with the State, we have problems. The Victorian police State existed before COVID.

Just ask – well, you can’t, he has died now – Cardinal George Pell. The sinister merger between the bureaucracy and the political class in Victoria occurred during the 2000s, on the watch of Daniel Andrews’ predecessors.

But the “pandemic” gave the fascists who run Victoria permission to unleash low-rent thuggery on any opponents of the State who might emerge to challenge its power. Including people like Mr Peterson-English.

The decision on the Flinders Street head smashing incident reaffirms what those of us paying attention to the Victorian system already know. The judicial system has provided little if any protection to citizens crushed by the State.

There have been whistle-blowers, of course. Many Victorian police felt unease policing mothers seeking to allow their children to visit playgrounds during lockdowns.


One was Krystle Mitchell.  She resigned, and ran for parliament.

“I witnessed government control increase in every aspect of our daily lives,” she said.

“Victoria Police turned from its ‘community-focused’ policing mentality toward a strict enforcement of health orders above all else.

“Our organisational values seemed to be thrown out the window. Video footage was emerging almost daily of police being over-zealous.

“Dan was on our TVs every night scolding, berating or gas-lighting us. The protests pushing for less government control seemed pretty reasonable and not all that surprising to me, but my organisation’s response to them quickly escalated beyond any point of reason.”

While there are Krystle Mitchells and Mark Tarrants, we might dare to believe there is still hope. And to believe that the judicial system might somehow be re-oriented to the protection of liberty and citizen rights.

Even in Victoria.PC

Paul Collits

To serve and brutalise…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Daniel Andrews. (courtesy The Guardian)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Conservative Woman on April 27, 2023. Re-used with permission.

3 thoughts on “Andrews’ Police: To Serve & Brutalise

  1. And what EXACTLY did Andrews gain for Victoria from his mysterious visit to China? Has anyone investigated that?

  2. Authorising, permitting and condoning the power to the VIC Police Department is like a pay rise, it is something that will never, or at the very least incredibly difficult, to take back. The power has gone to the heads of the police and none of them seem to have the common sense, ethics or moral compass to stop police action that is knowingly wrong. Hitler would have been proud of how Dan has effectively controled the controlers.

  3. Journalist Andrew Bolt a few weeks ago on Bolt Report on Sky News revealed the very close relationship that exists between the Australian Labor Party and the Chinese Communist Party, he revealed that Chinese speaking Australian voters have been targeted via Chinese language newspapers, social media, directly to swing them to vote Labor at elections here.

    This reminded me of the 2007 election when Prime Minister John Howard lost the electorate of Bennelong by a narrow margin to a Labor candidate, there were a number of factors including that the Howard Government had been if office for almost 12 years and that the electoral boundaries had been changed a few times changing the electorate for a very safe Liberal seat to a marginal seat.

    And that Asian voters had been targeted via Chinese language newspapers warning that the Howard Government was untrustworthy for Asians. A Hong Kong Chinese born Australian employee at the company I managed told me that. I was also told that Bennelong electorate was being targeted by Labor supporters visiting homes there, including the Chinese speaking son in law of Labor Opposition Leader Rudd.

    Consider also the signing of a CCP Belt & Road Agreement by the Andrew’s Victoria State Government and other indicators.

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