Anti-vax doctor silenced by ‘fascist’ Australia

by REX WIDERSTROM – A WA emergency room doctor has been found guilty of professional misconduct after giving a series of speeches and interviews critical of the government’s COVID-19 response. 

He also questioned the safety of the Pfizer vaccine. 

An experimental therapy was rolled out to supposedly 95 per cent of the population, and then our healthcare system couldn’t cope. Many people died.
Dr Mitch Sambell
WA Emergency Doctor

Dr Mitch Sambell has had his registration suspended for three months and will be subject to a 12-month mentorship by another doctor.

Further, he has been ordered to pay a contribution of $2500 toward the costs of the Medical Board of Australia, which sought review by the State Administrative Tribunal.


In a schedule of agreed facts, Dr Sambell admitted to telling an interviewer that administering the vaccine to the wider populations was “at best manslaughter, and at worst, like, outright murder.”

He also described the director-general of the World Health Organisation as a “communist”.

His interview was published on video platform Rumble, titled “Medical cover-up in Australia – Albany doctor speaks out.”

When asked by the interviewer, “Could you confidently say that people died in Australia from the vax jab?”, Dr Samball responded, “Oh, a 100 per cent.

“I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in emergency department. I saw so many people die in the hospital, so many people.

“I’ve got people who are 40 that have heart failure after taking this vaccine …”

“When it started getting rolled out I started seeing ED just got flooded; our hospital was at 117 per cent pretty much all the time. And people say, “Oh it’s just a lack of staff, it’s flu season,” but it wasn’t.

“We rolled out an experimental therapy to supposedly 95 per cent of the population, and then our healthcare system couldn’t cope.”


He noted that the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency has threatened disciplinary action against medical professionals who spoke out against the vaccine and said: “The truth always come out.

“And you can hide, and you can use your money, and you can manipulate things, but when people find out, you’re in big trouble.”

Dr Samball repeated similar views at a public meeting in the Shire of Denmark in WA in March 2022, saying, “If you are injected you can still acquire and spread the disease, so why are we allowing this issue to tear apart families, destroy businesses, and ultimately remove people’s ability to choose a medical intervention without coercion, and therefore consent?

“I’m disgusted that the career I love has been used to destroy people’s lives, and honestly I’m ashamed to be called a doctor.”

The State Administrative Tribunal found these remarks “legitimised anti-vaccination sentiments and/or were contrary to accepted medical practice and/or were untrue or misleading”.


They were also “designed to, or had the potential to, undermine public trust in the medical profession” and were inconsistent with the Code of Practice with which doctors are expected to abide.

In setting the penalty, the Tribunal noted that Dr Sambell had no previous disciplinary history, has made no public comment on the issue since 2022, and had “shown insight and remorse”.

The ruling has been criticised by newly appointed One Nation member and former Liberal Party MP, Craig Kelly, who said on social media it was “medical fascism in action” and that “Australia is officially a medical fascist State”.PC

Rex Widerstrom

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Dr Mitch Sambell. (courtesy The Albury Advertiser)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on March 10, 2024. Re-used with permission.

8 thoughts on “Anti-vax doctor silenced by ‘fascist’ Australia

  1. Good on him for speaking up, when 99% other doctors vacated their morality and oath to do no harm and simply shut up. Shame on them.
    He is 100% correct and is being proven right as the truth comes out.

  2. Good news is that after three failed attempts, One Nation Senator Ralph Babet has finally managed to get an inquiry into excess deaths for Australia during the period 2021-23. The motion passed by one vote. Earlier on there was 16% increase in excess deaths which fell to 9% in 2023. The fact that Senator Babet had three previous unsuccessful attempts to get this inquiry passed shows how little awareness there is on the issue or that there’s anything to see here. Good on Senator Babet – he’s a trooper!

  3. This country has always boarded on Socialism ow the the country is definitely run by corrupt politicians corrupt criminal banks and corporations….

  4. dear God of goodness and truth please help us all return/ turn to goodness ,truth, noble and couragious

  5. As a surgeon I agree with this young doctor – the suppression of dissent is medical fascism and the medical system has failed in its duty of care. I have seen too many vaccine complications – the numbers suggest that serious complications are less than1:100 for mrna vaccines. This is now at the level of Covid-gate ie a massive coverup of the numbers. Mortality is tracking well over 10% above normalised data which should be front page news and is suppressed. What is going on?

    1. In UK they play around with the models until they get one that normalises and so hides the excess deaths. Be interesting to see what they make of all those massive blood clots that keep turning up in mortuaries since 2021.


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