Arrests as thousands plea for freedom

THOUSANDS of Australians fed up with COVID-19 lockdowns marched in Sydney and Melbourne on Saturday as part of the “World Wide Rally for Freedom” protests. 

The freedom protestors gathered at inner Sydney’s Victoria Park before marching to Town Hall in the CBD, escorted by a heavy police presence which included mounted police and riot officers. 

This is not about a virus, it’s about total government control of the people! This stops now!
Melbourne Freedom Rally

Protestors carried signs, and in a video posted on Twitter by Pedestrian Daily journalist Zac Crellin, they can be heard chanting: “What do we want? Freedom. When do we want it? Now!”

In Crellin’s videos, supporters can be heard honking their horns and displaying their own signs, amid cheers and shouts by the protestors as they marched.


Some of the signs read “Unmask the truth” and “You’ll be safer media distancing than social distancing.”

NSW Police said it recognised and supported the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly, but the protest was a breach of public health orders.

“The priority for NSW Police is always the safety of the wider community,” a police statement said, describing it as a “high-visibility policing operation” in response to “unauthorised protest activity”.

Police confirmed that a number of arrests were made. Some protesters reportedly threw plastic bottles and plants taken from the street, AAP reported. Other arrests can be seen in videos posted on Twitter.

Greater Sydney has been locked down for the past four weeks due to an outbreak of the Delta variant of the Wuhan virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus.

Five million Sydney residents have been told by government officials they cannot leave their homes except for a handful of reasons.

Despite lockdown measures and other restrictions, including mask-wearing and social distancing, the virus has continued to spread, with NSW reporting another 163 locally acquired COVID-19 cases on Saturday.

Prior to the event, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard condemned the planned protest as “really silly” on Saturday morning.

“We live in a democracy and normally I am certainly one who supports people’s rights to protest … but at the present time we’ve got cases going through the roof and we have people thinking that it’s okay to get out there and possibly be close to each other at a demonstration,” he said.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said it was not the time for a protest.


He said police wanted to work with the organisers to make sure people were complying with public health orders and that it did not turn into a “disastrous” mass spreading event.

The Sydney anti-lockdown protest is one of the largest to occur in Australia amid the pandemic since last year, when tens of thousands of Black Lives Matters supporters and protestors marched in Melbourne.

Those protests were held in solidarity with BLM protests in the US, and alongside domestic activism against Indigenous deaths in custody.

The Melbourne BLM protests came weeks before the city and the entire state of Victoria went into one of the longest lockdowns of any city in the world – lasting 112 days – amid a second outbreak.

Fears were expressed on Twitter via the #SydneyCBD hashtag that Saturday’s anti-lockdown protests might have the same result.

In the neighbouring Victoria at least 1000 “March for Freedom” protestors also gathered in Melbourne’s CBD.

Herald Sun journalist Olivia Jenkins posted a video on Twitter showing scenes outside Victoria’s Parliament House, where flares were lit and protestors held up flags and chanted: “Freedom!”

One banner, held on the steps of parliament, read: “This is not about a virus, it’s about total government control of the people! This stops now!”

In another video posted by Rebel News’ chief Australian correspondent, Avi Yemini, protestors are seen marching through Melbourne’s central business district. Yemini says the crowd broke through the police line after overwhelming them.

A car rally is also planned for Adelaide, which is also locked down, with police there warning they will make arrests over unlawful activity.PC

Caden Pearson/AAP

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Sydney protests. (courtesy The Australian)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on July 24, 2021. Re-used with permission.
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  1. Communism, anarchists, the very noisy minority that are organised in developed nations for the sole purpose of tearing societies apart, and their followers who are useful idiots.

  2. LOCKING US UP IN OUR HOMES IS ATROCIOUS Ms Berejiklian. Up till now we in this household, this large family, have been very happy voters for you and your previously fairly sane Government. This is no longer the case!

    Unbelievably and illegally, you are acting against both the U.N. Charter of Human Rights AND our Australian Constitution which guarantees the right of free movement to all Australian Citizens.

    THIS IS IN NO WAY AN ‘EMERGENCY’! – You and disastrous Dan in Victoria have grossly over-reacted and this overarching, dire domination -(abomination)- will cost our State and Federal economies many BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. It will bankrupt thousands of businesses, maybe causing many, many people to lose their homes and their savings. The underlying mental health damage and depression is not as easily assessed, but it will be MASSIVE!

    THIS NEW COVID VIRUS IS NOT DANGEROUS to the greater majority. Those who may, – MAY be at risk are – the elderly, the obese, those with anaemia or those with other underlying health problems.

    This is NOT the Ebola or Marburg virus, NOT Smallpox, Polio, NOR Dengue, Bird or Yellow Fever etc. etc. etc.

    ACT RATIONALLY – STOP THIS LOCKDOWN! – We must take responsibility for our own health. Australia is hardly suffering from this virus, our numbers of infections are extremely low and, if you look the truth in the face, – WELL OVER ONE THOUSAND AUSTRALIANS HAVE DIED OF INFLUENZA IN EACH PRECEDING WINTER and this was accepted as another risk of actually living!

    GET REAL GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN – or you REALLY might regret it when the Government coffers are empty, when we have gargantuan debt hanging over us and you are rightly rejected at the next election!

    HOWEVER: We should ALL BUILD ANTIBODIES, either through vaccination, and yes, maybe, if you are a healthy person, through hosting a dose of Covid 19. A great majority hardly realise they have contracted this new Covid virus, of the same broad family as the common cold which also has bad

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