Australia’s most dangerous woman?

by PAUL COLLITS – ONE of the nation’s most dangerous women made a showing at Davos this month pushing an agenda the majority of the earth doesn’t want. 

Her name is Julie Inman-Grant, and, along with global epidemic adviser Jane Halton, she is probably Australia’s most dangerous female. (Yes, I realise Airbus Albo’s Cabinet is full of other sisters doin’ it for themselves.) 

Julie Inman-Grant’s strategy is one for the ages. Create a moral panic out of nothing, and then set out to solve the non-existent problem.

Inman-Grant is to the censorship industrial complex as Halton is to the global medical industrial complex.

She is Australia’s eSafety Commissioner. Yes, we have one.


The very first in the world, as its progenitor, the former Senator Mitch Fifield proudly remarked in 2016 when he appointed Ms Inman-Grant to her totally unnecessary and ultimately dangerous job.

She will be in charge of surveilling and restricting online speech once Canberra signs off on the so-called 1984 bill this year. (“Online safety” is simply Orwellian newspeak).

This is one of the key planks of the medical tyranny’s ecosystem. It isn’t a coincidence that Inman-Grant’s agenda for Australian online regulation exactly matches that of the Davos elites.

She has already sought to fine Elon Musk for crimes against censorship. She worked for Microsoft for seventeen years, and had job titles that included words like “global outreach”.

In other words, a Big Tech middle manager who didn’t and doesn’t know the finite limits of Big Tech’s wisdom nor its application.

Tech industry specialists in agitprop are in equal measure hubristic and clueless on matters beyond their very, very narrow brief. You read Wired and know everything. Inman-Grant was perfect for the job.

Her strategy is one for the ages. Create a moral panic out of nothing, and then set out to solve the non-existent problem.

Online safety must be addressed! We have seen the same game plan with climate change and with pandemics. Define a problem. Create a narrative. Craft a “solution”. Build the policy infrastructure. Make it indestructible and beyond the capacity of any future government to dismantle.


This is the Tony Blair strategy. Co-opt “science”. Then forever circle the narrative wagons. Isolate dissidents and define them as mad, ignorant, evil.

Inman-Grant and her brothers-in-arms in Davos believe that mis-and dis-information are currently the world’s biggest problems (or say they do). Not the risk of nuclear war. Not the Middle East conflagration. Not the ongoing Chinese global infiltration. Not Islamic terror. Not creeping Western tyranny and the eclipse of liberal democracy. Not chaotic, out-of-control mass immigration. Not global fiscal incontinence. Not pandemic planning running amok. Not, well, people like her.

She is actually right about the threat of mis- and dis-information, by the way. Unintentionally.

What she gets wrong is her identification of the perpetrators. The redoubtable Canadian broadcaster Andrew Lawton has been on the case.

He caught up with her in Davos: “When people at the World Economic Forum talk about freedom of expression, it isn’t favourable. One Davos regular, Australian eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant previously said we need to ‘recalibrate’ freedom of expression.

“Andrew Lawton caught up with her on the streets of Davos to ask her what she meant – she was clear that free speech needs to be balanced against other things, like people’s feelings of safety on the internet.”

Oh yes, Julie is a free speech recalibrator. She wants what Jacinda Ardern wanted. The COVID State to be the sole source of information, the provider of approved narratives.

Anyone else will be shut down. Just like the former Liberal Government of Scott Morrison had his bureaucrats employ fact checkers to shut down pandemic dissidents.


I am not sure what all this has to do with children’s online safety. It is a classic case of administrative creep.

And chillingly, she attends Davos with the full support of His Majesty’s Government. No doubt, His Majesty would be simpatico.

Let us leave the last word to “Smith”, a reader at Jordan Schachtel’s The Dossier: “At this point, everybody knows the game is up. The WEF is still pushing its agenda that the majority of the earth does not want.”

Let us all hope so. I don’t know that the Men of Davos know this yet.

They are intent on rebuilding tyranny, Swiss style, after the post-COVID respite.

Two early markers will tell us much.

The first will be the fate of outsider Parties and candidates at all the upcoming elections of 2024. The second, far bigger test will come with the release of Disease X.

Will the people flip the bird at the State on masks, vaccines, distancing, lockdowns and the rest? Or will we all cower again against what will be a far better organised and better armed totalitarian world order, run by the likes of Jane Halton and Julie Inman-Grant?

If the latter, this will be total victory for the architects of The Great Reset.PC

Paul Collits

Feelings more important than speech…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Julie Inman-Grant. (courtesy The Australian)

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  1. As I am over voting age, able to have a licence to drive and registered to vote! I respectfully ask this woman be stripped of her current titles and presumed power that nobody in Australia was asked to vote on or for and the current government Federal body be called to hold a Federal election to decide by Australians as to why our free speech on any and all platforms, guaranteed by our Australian Constitution should be ignored! And should be challenged in the High Court of Australia for its illegality! May Clive Palmer might like to take up this Challenge as I cannot afford it!

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