Black lives don’t matter to radical Left

THE Australian Communist Party thugs currently organising race-based protests across Sydney and Melbourne care nothing for blacks – nor for lives.

Their aim is to incite anger among minority groups then infiltrate the protests that follow – turning them into riots. Chaos is their agenda and orchestrating a climate for revolution – no matter the cost – remains their goal.

The Sydney-based Communist Party is using last month’s unfortunate death of black American George Floyd to whip up “victim” mentality among indigenous Australians. They’ve replaced “comrade” with “cuz” for now.


If oversees rioting by Black Lives Matter is any indication, the so-called protesters will soon be screaming abuse at Australia’s “racist” statues, smashing war memorials, demanding the defunding of State police forces and the release of violent criminals.

And, as always, the nation’s biggest ignoramuses on the ABC and The Project will be preaching how virtuous these thugs are – and how important their cause is.

Like lemmings, the politicians will follow suit promising to reduce incarceration rates of Australian Aboriginals by tipping in billions of dollars – but without ever committing to anything that will actually work.


There isn’t a sane person in the nation who doesn’t want to reduce the high percentage of black prisoners – but there isn’t a politician with the ticker to do so.

Of 44,000 people in Australian prisons, almost 13,000 are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They make up less than three per cent of our population but more than 25 per cent of prisoners.

To change this there are only three possible solutions. Each of them is straight forward and none requires huge taxpayer funding. But none would be politically popular.

The first is to quickly release violent Aboriginals back into already terrified communities. This might appeal to the communists and the criminals, but few others.

Alternately, they could increase the number of non-blacks in prison, thereby reducing the ratio of black prisoners. An option bordering on crazy – and unnecessarily unfair.


Lastly, politicians could finally get serious about reducing violent crime in black communities. This is the most obvious solution but doing so scares politicians into inaction. They know how to achieve this and they know it doesn’t require billions of dollars.

But the solution requires a big national commitment. A real sacrifice from a nation that at least says it wants to “close the gap”.

To reduce Aboriginal violent crime, alcohol needs to be heavily regulated. And to ensure there’s no gaming of the system, it needs to be regulated across all  communities – not just Aboriginal.

There are many downsides to this – but if black violence is to be addressed without using prisons, this is what is required.

And if regulations fail, we go further. Maybe by replacing all high percentage alcoholic beverages with low percentage alcohol – a maximum of, say, two per cent. Again, this applies to everyone – not just a select few.

Australia recently agreed to close down pubs, clubs and cafés over questionable health modelling. Maybe it’s time to do so again? This time to address a real problem.


As well as reducing violent crime and indigenous prisoner numbers, this should also reduce the manipulative leverage communist activists use to incite Aboriginal “victims”.

According to reports in the US, up to 80 per cent of people arrested for public rioting were non-locals – instead they were professional activists bussed in by pro-communist groups such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Such activists infiltrate peaceful protests and burn down other people’s communities.

The UK is reporting similar infiltration activities.

According to UK Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, Black Lives Matter in the UK is a “dangerous Marxist organisation hell bent on anarchy”.

“This is not about George Floyd, this is about an organisation hell bent on changing society and prepared to use violence and anarchy to do so,” he said.

Mr Farage said UK politicians remained silent while this was happening because they feared above all else being labelled as racist.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Pro-communist activist infiltrate pro-Aboriginal protests (courtesy
POLITICOM: Witless elites cue call indigenous uprising

Marxists hell bent on anarchy...

3 thoughts on “Black lives don’t matter to radical Left

  1. I would also say that in Australia, the increasingly violent BLM marches, run by a rabble of subversive, self-professed Marxists, are undeniably and absolutely irrelevant.

    Our Indigenous citizens receive exactly double – ( twice! – multiply by 2! ) – the amount of Government expenditure outlaid for the other 97% of Australian citizens.

    If some Indigenous people still choose to live in the old way, in primitive dwellings on outback, tribal land, that is absolutely their choice. There is a mountain of money available – ($33 BILLION plus) – to provide for them an abundance of decent housing, education and training, medical and dental services, in fact every possible social service in existence!

    Needless to say, all this help and gainful employment are only to be found in civilisation!

    Obviously Sean is right. – Alcohol and drug abuse are the BIG problems and they must be urgently and radically addressed; hard decisions are well overdue. I’m positive most Magistrates and Judges would err on the side of leniency when imposing incarceration on an Indigenous offender, but tragically, so often, detention is the only way of ‘getting off’ these poisons, albeit temporarily in most cases. I’m certain the budget could easily extend to some half-way houses fostering training and regular work.

  2. Communism needs to become categorized as a “terrorist” group. It goes against everything the ANZACs fought for and they want to destroy our society and remove our freedom. Politicians need to start talking seriously about communist activities and intentions. Politicians which are soft on “communism” should be named and shamed, why? because they are not acting in the best interests of the people. Furthermore, the ABC should be fully de-funded for running the communist narrative for way too long.

  3. Agree absolutely! These thugs, emanating hate and many with a criminal bent, are using our very idle and ill-disciplined youth to help tear down our society.

    What is wrong with politicians in the United States, Britain, Australia? Why aren’t they taking an iron-clad stand to stop these feral monsters? — Enough! Decent citizens are sickened and disgusted now and just want peace fully restored. ALL lives matter – that must be the predominant call!

    And of course the calls to defund or in any way reduce the Police Forces, are being made by simpletons, those with feeble brains, incapable of logical reasoning.

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