Blind climate ideology a fast track to poverty

by SEAN BURKE – AUSTRALIA is on a self-destructive path to poverty as ideologically-captured politicians prioritise pet projects ahead of the well-being of the nation and its people. 

According to the former chair of the federal Productivity Commission, Gary Banks, Australia’s leaders have “monumentally bungled” the nation’s policy agenda – and there is no U-turn in sight. 

I never thought the sovereign risk issues prevalent in certain Third World or socialist countries would one day afflict my own.
Gary Banks
Former Chair, Productivity Commission

“There are two standouts,” he wrote in The Australian newspaper this week.

“One is the monumental bungling of the so-called energy transition, in which our governments have contrived to maximise the cost to the nation of reducing emissions,” he wrote.


“The other is the U-turn on workplace regulation, taking it back towards the sort of centralised regime of pre-Hawke/Keating days.”

Prof Banks compared the damage inflicted by Australian politicians to that of an invading army.

“In the Ukraine, power stations are destroyed by Russian missiles. In Australia we blow them up ourselves,” he said.

“And we do this without having a way to replace the critical 24/7 service they provide.

“How on Earth did we end up with the costly hotchpotch of measures we’ve got today? How did we get to a situation in which electricity will not only become a luxury but an unreliable one.

“A policy topic that started in an evidence-based way has become a matter of simple-minded ‘belief’.


“Any attempt to use evidence or logic immediately brands you as a ‘denier’.

“It did not need to happen like this. Governments knew better and in the past have done better.”

Prof Banks said politicians’ disastrous energy policies combined with retrograde IR policy had damaged the nation’s ability to cope and grow.

“Historically, this country’s low energy costs partly offset the high self-imposed burdens of our rigid labour market,” he said.

“That’s no longer the case. In fact, we’ve brought about the opposite situation.

“On the one hand, we have been busily eliminating our comparative advantage in energy, while on the other we are reviving our traditional disadvantage with respect to labour.


“This has helped suppress investment and productivity growth, and taken a toll on real incomes.”

Mr Banks said Australia had entered a new phase in its democracy in which people could no longer trust what a political Party says it will do or not do in office.

“I never thought the sovereign risk issues prevalent in certain Third World or socialist countries would one day afflict my own.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Prof Gary Banks. (courtesy The Australian)

8 thoughts on “Blind climate ideology a fast track to poverty

  1. What do Volcanoes emit ? What do we as humans emit ? What is the life blood of all plants on earth ??? Carbon Dioxide . The same crooks who peddled Covid also peddle Climate Hoax and are part of the same Cult . I have been called Denier , Conspiracy Theorists by many and yet when I give facts they can never refute my facts . People wake up it is all The Great Reset and the De Industrialising The Western World . China has now bought all of the Lithium Supplies in Australia at 70% below market value . WHO,UN,WEF are all backed by the CCP.

  2. Manmade global warming, AGW, is a FAILED theory. You don’t even need to analyse its pixie dust science. Just consider 3 events:
    1 The Al Gore movie English HC case where in 2007 after evidence from the best pro AGW scientists, who also were scientific advisors on the movie, a Judgment was delivered finding all the alleged consequences of AGW depicted in the movie were non-existent, alarmist or exaggerated.

    2 The 2010 Climate Gate affair where a whistle blower released thousands of private emails from all the climate, pro AGW scientists. Publicly these scientists were and still are saying the science proving AGW was settled. In their private emails the same scientists admitted not only was the science not settled but a mess with implacable problems with the modelling and predictions failing. They also said they had to continue to say the science was settled, that is lie, and censor sceptical scientists.

    3 The Chinese covid virus shut down the world economy. At the height of the shut down in 2020 human emissions of CO2 fell by up to 40%. AGW says that human emissions are responsible for all the increase in atmospheric CO2 but there was NO CHANGE to atmospheric levels or increase when human CO2 emissions declined. In other words the increase in CO2 is natural.

    AGW is the justification for renewables, wind and solar. AGW is a failed theory. It should come as no surprise that wind and solar are also failed energy sources. Wind and solar only work for about 30% of the time and then unpredictably. They require huge back-up, major grid changes and connectivity, require the most polluting of mining and use of vast areas of land while there is no recycling of the huge amounts of minerals in their manufacture. In short they are a monstrosity.

    In the last 24 hours coal, gas and hydro have supplied 81% of NSW’s power:

    That is despite there being TWICE the amount of installed wind and solar capacity as the other energy sources.

    The politicians doing this to Australia are either fools or deliberately planning to destroy our economy.

  3. There are just two simple issues to consider in relation to climate change. Either CO2 is NOT the great terror that climate activists would have us believe – in which case western democracies including Australia are all wasting their resources for no benefit. Or, CO2 is a major contributor to adverse climate change, in which case Australia is wasting its resources because we only produce 1% of global CO2 emissions and therefore NOTHING we do will have any impact on the situation given that China is increasing its CO2 emissions in far greater proportion than us.

  4. Apologies to the Teals for confusing you with technical and accountancy facts.

  5. Coal fired power station steam turbine driven electricity generators technology using brown coal as it is best known was brought to Australia after WW1 by General Monash, an engineer, and soon became the beginning of what is now the world’s largest interconnected between States and a Territory electricity grid, the grid provided cheap and reliable electricity supply 24/7.

    From 1970 after the Environmental Protection Act and Agencies were created the power stations in city suburbs were demolished and new cleaner lower emissions replacements built in country areas close to the grid transmission lines. Later models here but only one or two from memory are HELE – High Energy Low Emissions technology.

    The latest is USCB – Ultra Super Critical Boiler (has other descriptions) technology produces lower than HELE emissions.

    Instead of allowing the next power station closures, NSW Hunter Valley Liddell scheduled next, nearby to Bayswater coal fired power station and they share a coal mine and water supply, why not recondition with USCB technology and continue to take advantage of Australia’s high grade black coal reserves?

    And supplementary generators Small Modular Nuclear technology as the UK Government is buying from Rolls Royce UK, the Morrison Government held discussions in the UK about SMR for Australia, but noting the ban here on nuclear energy that Green Labor refuse to repeal at this stage, but Labor has supported nuclear submarines for the RAN – SMR powered electric, RAN Collins Class are diesel-electric.

    SMR first Generation technology was first used 75 years ago by the US Navy. SMR is a heat source like coal or gas, diesel, biomass/timber. Steam is the source of power to produce electricity, old steam railway engines for example, now steam turbines.

    And the operators of our Sydney Lucas Heights nuclear reactor that produces radio isotopes for nuclear medicine and commercial applications, ANSTO, have patented recycling of depleted uranium fuel for SMRs. In other words used and lower radiation uranium fuel recycled and later more easily and safely placed in dumps.

    Don’t let lying politicians fool you, in fact laugh at them because most of them are clueless parrots.

    Wind and solar “farms” are not cheap, not when fully cost accounted. Consider;

    * Land area of hundreds of thousands of hectares if so called renewables could replace power stations.
    * A huge number of wind turbines and/or solar panels on those illogically named “farms”.
    * Add firming back up equipment to the cost and land area needed, suitable land locations.
    * Add transmission line to main grid.
    * Include what the dummies call “spinning machines” that stabilise the grid like power station generators do without them.
    * Then add the cost of Removal & Replacement of wind and/or solar equipment within on average 20 years, as compared to an accountable written off asset power station 50 years, 70-80 years if well maintained after the asset has no book value.

    Already electricity prices have risen and continue to rise and the transition is a long way from completion, so far capable of intermittently supplying UP TO about 25 per cent of grid demand. Unreliably dependent on wind and solar availability. Power stations generate regardless 24/7 apart from maintenance and breakdown periods but most have multiple generator units, Liddell has 4 generator units and Nameplate Capacity combined of 2,000 MW. And being connected to the grid essential baseload electricity supply can be maintained using other power station’s generators, just as peak demand periods require extra output.

    So get rid of the woke bloke politicians, they are economic vandals and fiscal fools.

    1. Extract;

      Personal view
      I hope this report gives the bare facts about what is implied by committing to a net-zero emissions economy for 2050. Short of a command economy, it is simply an unattainable pipe dream, and we will struggle to get 10–20% of the way to the target, even with a democratic mandate to proceed. I think that the hard facts should put a stop to urgent mitigation and lead to a focus on adaptation. Mankind has adapted to the climate over recent millennia, and is better equipped than ever to adapt in the coming decades. With respect to sea-level-rise, the Dutch have been showing us the way for centuries. Climate adaptation in the here and now is a much easier sell to the UK citizenry than mitigation.
      There is a very strong case to repeal the net-zero emissions legislation, and replace it with a rather longer time horizon. The continued pressure towards a net-zero economy will become a crime of sedition if the public rise up violently to reject it. The silence of the Royal Society, the Royal Acad- emy of Engineering and the professional science and engineering bodies about these engineering realities is a matter of complicity.


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