Climate emergency? – ‘It’s a lie!’

by IAN PLIMER – I DON’T have opinions. I have facts. They are repeatable and validated. 

Fact #1: No one has ever proven that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming. For more than two decades I have been asking scientists for this proof. If proven, it would also have to be shown that natural carbon dioxide emissions, 97 per cent of the annual total, don’t drive global warming. This also has never been done. 

Climate hypocrites lecture those they regard as morally inferior and support wind and solar power as well as EVs as a mechanism of transferring money from the poor to the rich.

Fact #2: Basic chemistry and ice core drilling show that after a natural temperature rise, atmospheric carbon dioxide increases 650-6000 years later, yet we are told that we will fry and die from human carbon dioxide emissions. This is a lie.

Fact #3: The main atmospheric greenhouse gas is water vapour. When water evaporates, such as from the oceans or sweat, it requires heat to convert to vapour. When water vapour condenses into rain, snow or hail, exactly the same amount of heat is given out. The Earth’s atmosphere contains up to four per cent water vapour and operates like a giant air-conditioner.

Fact #4: Since the time of Christ, there have been thousands of predictions about the end of the world. If just one prediction was correct, we would not be here. All climate predictions in the 20th and 21st Centuries were incorrect. If a climate activist knocks on your door to tell you we are facing a climate emergency, sool the dog onto them. History is on your side.

Fact #5: Past climates have been cyclical with tectonic (400m years), galactic (143m years), orbital (100,000, 40,000, and 23,000 years), solar (11-year cycles of variable strength and Grand Solar Cycles), oceanic (60 years) and lunar tidal (18.6 years) with the non-cyclical impacting and massive explosive volcanoes. Cycles have not changed because humans are alive today and cannot be changed by feelings, ideology, or legislation.

Fact #6: There has been ice on Earth for less than 20 per cent of the time. Over the history of time, there have been six major ice ages when ice expanded during glaciation and retreated during interglacials. We are currently in an ice age that started 34 million years ago. The current interglacial started 14,400 million years ago in the Northern Hemisphere and we were at the peak of the current interglacial 7000-4000 years ago in the Holocene Optimum.

Fact #7: Compared to today’s global temperature, the planet has been warming for the past 14,400 years ago, cooling since the Holocene Optimum, cooling since the time of Jesus, warming since the time of the Vikings, cooling since Medieval times, and warming since the Little Ice Age which peaked 300 years ago in the Maunder Minimum. Since the intense use of coal in the Industrial Revolution some 170 years ago, the planet has had three slight warmings, two slight coolings, and one period of stasis. If human emissions of carbon dioxide drive warming, then there should have been no coolings or stasis.

Fact #8: Carbon dioxide emissions increased during the second world war, a period of cooling. During the Global Financial Crisis and the COVID epidemic, carbon dioxide emissions reduced due to contraction of industry and travel yet temperature increased.

Fact #9: Carbon dioxide is plant food, if the atmospheric carbon dioxide halved there would be no plant life on Earth and hence no animal life. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-poisonous gas. We breathe in 0.04 per cent carbon dioxide and, as a result of metabolising carbon-bearing foods and drinks, we exhale 4 per cent carbon dioxide. If it was toxic, people would die from kissing, swilling a carbonated drink or eating bread.

Fact #10: Australia is already at net-zero because the adsorption of carbon dioxide by grasslands, crops, rangelands, forests, soils and continental shelf waters is far greater than human emissions. There are a finite number of atmosphere-derived carbon atoms in grass eaten by cattle which are transformed into meat, gas, liquid, bones, horns and skins. Most of this carbon is returned to the atmosphere. By using leather, we sequester carbon atoms and hence beef farming saves the planet.

Green Marxist activists have captured the language with terms such as climate crisis/emergency, carbon capture, transition and net-zero, yet they don’t live in caves as hunter-gatherers.

These hypocrites emit carbon dioxide to fly around the world to lecture those who they regard as morally inferior and they support wind and solar power and EVs as a mechanism of transferring money from the poor to the rich.

Support of renewables means activists are happy with widespread pollution around wind turbines by the toxin bisphenol A, slicing and dicing of birds and bats, sterilising pastures, and dumping of toxic turbine blades that poison soils and waterways.


Promoting solar panels means support for widespread sterilising of productive croplands which become contaminated with poisonous selenium, tellurium and lead while also supporting the building of solar panels in China by slave labour.

Climate activism has nothing to do with the environment or climate. It is immoral and kills people.

If Australia becomes a renewable powerhouse of the world, we weaken the nation.

When short-life turbine blades and solar panels made in China need replacing, they may refuse to provide them and, with neither coal nor nuclear power generation, Australian industry, farming, and domestic life would be destroyed.

As the European gas crisis shows, we must quickly become energy independent.

We are reaping the rewards of 50 years of dumbing down education, tampering with the primary temperature data record, and the dismissal of common sense as extreme Right-wing politics.

There has been a deliberate attempt to frighten ill-educated young people using lies about a hypothetical climate emergency by the mainstream media uncritically acting as stenographers for the Greens.

It is time to stand up to the scam of the ideological policy and politically-created energy crisis.

If carbon dioxide emissions really do drive global warming, then financially-crippling emissions reduction by Australia will have no effect whatsoever on total emissions. Why even bother?

We must fight for energy independence, freedoms and true environmentalism.PC

We are reaping the rewards of 50 years of dumbing down education, tampering with the primary temperature data record, and the dismissal of common sense as extreme Right-wing politics.


There has been a deliberate attempt to frighten ill-educated young people using lies about a hypothetical climate emergency by the mainstream media uncritically acting as stenographers for the Greens.

It is time to stand up to the scam of the ideological policy and politically-created energy crisis.

If carbon dioxide emissions really do drive global warming, then financially-crippling emissions reduction by Australia will have no effect whatsoever on total emissions. Why even bother?

We must fight for energy independence, freedoms and true environmentalism.PC

Ian Plimer

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Prof Ian Plimer. (courtesy Newcastle Herald)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on October 12, 2022. Re-used with the author’s permission.

16 thoughts on “Climate emergency? – ‘It’s a lie!’

  1. “The scale problem is equally obvious when it comes to wind. In fact, wind-energy’s scale problems are even more thorny because wind energy requires so much land.

    Let’s consider the extent of the energy sprawl if the wind-energy sector were to supply that 450 terawatt-hours per year of incremental electricity demand.

    The power density of wind energy is roughly two watts per square meter or about five megawatts per square mile. That means that by the end of 2011, the U.S. had covered a land area of about 9,400 square miles with wind turbines, a land area just slightly smaller than the state of Maryland. Therefore, just to keep up with the growth in global electricity demand by using wind energy alone, the global wind industry will need to cover a land area of some 35,000 square miles — about the size of Indiana — with wind turbines. And it will have to do so every year.

    That metric’s still hard to grasp, so let me put it another way: in order to merely keep up with the pace of growth of global electricity use, the wind industry would have to cover 96 square miles every day, with wind turbines. That’s an area about the size of four Manhattans.”

  2. I just Thank God from the bottom of my heart for someone to have had the courage and the ‘stones’ to tell the truth about Climate Fraud. As the former Chairman of the Board of a major global Electricity Utility, I knew absolutely it was Fraud the moment I saw those huge plumes of steam coming from the giant Cooling Towers, being portrayed as Carbon Dioxide. The ‘Lame-Stream media’, and especially the arch villians in the ABC should be arrested,tried, condemned, and then sentanced to a painful and very public death by stoning. This is after they have forfeited their total assets ( NIL to their descendants) to the State to repay just a small fraction of the financial damage they have caused us all. I hereby plead to be allowed the privilege to be the first to cast the first stone. Their names to be carved in stone for all time as the evil traitors ( Called, THE TRAITORS LIST) that they are and have been to this once great country that my relatives lie buried in the Sinai desert having died for this country.
    To the Communists of the Left ( i.e. The Australian Labor Party), please take me on, and come calling, any time of the day or night, I would love to claim some early scalps.
    Signed, old Normo boy.
    PS – Ian can we start a list please so we will never forget them, and their acts of complete bastardry against the world’s civilisation.

  3. Keep plugging away Ian – the idiots will wake up to themselves sooner or later. Let’s hope they haven’t destroyed our economy in the meantime!

  4. Climate hoax and so called renewable (unreliable intermittent operation wind and solar) energy is very expensive when the complete system is considered: wind turbines and/or solar panels, huge land areas to install them on even to the capacity of just one coal fired power station, back up “firming” generators, storage systems for electricity, grid transmission stabilisers (spinning machines sometimes called) etc., and then a transmission line to main grid from every installation that PM Gillard called “gold plated poles and wires” sarcastically. Then as now being planned a new second grid transmission line to make wind and solar electricity transmission efficient.

    Now the Andrew’s Labor Government for the State of Victoria and the Albanese Labor Federal Government are talking about their plans to replace more power stations to achieve over 80% of grid electricity supply from wind and solar installations, including offshore locations. But apparently private sector investors are not displaying enthusiasm, maybe they have researched the failure of transitioning in other countries and are concerned about the return on investment long term becoming losses?

    Now please read this;

  5. Read the complete article at JoNova Science website;

    “For years they told us that the green transition would deliver cheap energy, and that if we just subsidized them enough, prices would keep falling. The promise of free energy on the horizon led whole nations (stupidly) to believe that closing coal plants was viable. But now that damage is done, suddenly the Vestas chief admits that telling people that wind can only get cheaper “was a mistake”.

    “Vestas CEO says industry went too far with cheap-energy pledge”

    Vestas Wind Turbine
    Vestas Wind Turbine
    There is carnage in Europe. Orders and profits are collapsing. The largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world has already raised prices by more than 30% this year but despite that, expects its profit margins to shrink to “minus five percent”.

    Lucky their orders are down since they are losing money on every turbine.

    The fall in sales landed as inflation bites, supply lines are squeezed and their costs are rising. (After all, wind turbine factories can’t run off wind turbines, they’re paying for expensive electricity too). So suddenly Vestas need to raise their prices even more, and their CEO is hoping a belated apology will somehow bring their market back.”

  6. There is a decline in solar activity approximately every 150 years resulting in a cooling cycle on Earth, the last cool cycle lasted from about 1700 through to 1850 and was referred to as a Little Ice Age, an example was the River Thames often freezing in winters and the ice hard enough to drive Horses and Carriages across.

    The cold was not continuous year after year and fluctuated, there were milder winters some years and warmer summer periods, but overall the trend was colder weather conditions than we have become used to since 1850.

    The new solar minimum was first reported during the 1970s predicted by scientists in Russia, who obviously know that science is never settled, and that long-range forecasts are difficult to make accurately.


  8. Professor Plimer’s book Green Murder is brilliant. It exposes the many lies expressed by the left-wing anarchists whose primary objective is to destroy democracy in Australia so they can then rebuild it as a Socialist-Marxist state.
    Ian Plimer is not alone in his views. I recommend that if you haven’t already discovered them that you google ‘The CO2 Coalition’ and see what they have produced in terms of climate facts. It’s excellent and supports much of what Ian has stated.

  9. It Is very simple and the people pushing anti farming are also very simple .
    Where are 8 billion people going to get their food from ?.
    This shows that many people have absolutely no idea how food is produced and distributed around the world .
    The attack on animal farming is the second biggest scam the world has ever seen .
    The biggest scam is global warming .
    Just take a moment to think about enteric methane emitted by farmed animals .
    All fodder that ruminate animals consume has absorbed the gas of life CO2 .
    Microbes in the animals stomachs break down the cellulose in the fodder and multiply rapidly .
    They then move through the animals other stomachs and are absorbed as food.
    A very small amount of methane, CH4 is expelled as the animals are chewing their cud.
    The process is a closed cycle.NOT ONE ATOM OF ADDITIONAL CARBON is added to the atmosphere.
    Methane breaks down in 8 to 10 years in the upper atmosphere into water vapour and CO2.
    No one that can argue against these facts .
    Activists introduced the methane scam at the Kyoto Accord and it was accepted with out any scientific scrutiny as it was another weapon that the warmists and globalists could use to push this gigantic scam of global warming .
    Any one who disagrees with what I have written above please point out any errors .

    From JoNova Science

  10. I do research in the medical field. I have been taught that to prove that one cause out of several has produced the observed effect, you must either test that potential cause by itself to see its effect or accept a low level of confidence that it is the main cause.

    With global warming the testing of individual causes is not possible, so we must accept a low level of confidence that human-caused CO2 is the main cause of global warming.

    Claims by the IPCC that the confidence level that human-cause CO2 is the main casus of global warming is absurd from a scientific viewpoint.

    To rely on computer models to claim high confidence by varying one factor at a time does not help, because none of the 27 models agree with each other, and none of them predict the three periods of warming, two of cooling and two of stasis over the past 100 years that Ian Plimer talks about.

    Don Benjamin
    Research Director

  11. Natural gas in nature’s gas fields is mostly Methane and widely used for fuel, including “firming” for unreliable, intermittent supply sources wind turbines and solar systems, gas fired generators.

  12. Post election and Albo Labor plan to cull farm animals or otherwise reduce the numbers, but no mention of wild creatures, termites being a major converter and other sources of Methane. From JoNova website;

    “Methane and the environment, what a great paradox. We have cows grazing on a paddock that cannot possible produce any additional methane than the vegetation allows. Likewise we have termites that are also bound by what the paddock “has available” Like filling your car with petrol once the fuel is used, thats it. You cannot make the car move. No fuel, no move.
    So, lets take the cows and termites out of our paddock and what happens. The grasses, foliage, growth of what ever eventually dies then the fungi and bacteria come along and convert this biomass to its constituent parts and low and behold produce methane in the process.
    Reducing some life forms that produce methane does nothing for the environment as other life forms will do the same job regardless.”


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