Coronavirus: China’s real agenda

by Gary Gindler  

THE COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic began in China in late November and early December 2019. Now many accuse the Chinese authorities of negligence and the fact that they did not take sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the virus, thereby contributing to the infection of the inhabitants of all countries on the planet.  However, the Chinese Communists had a completely different task.

In order to understand the logic of the Chinese authorities, you need to know what China is.  In modern China, there is not a traditional nation-state, but a party-state.  They have no separation of powers as in Western countries.  Nevertheless, there is still a particular division of power in China.

Power in China is divided among several opposing communist groups…

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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus: China’s real agenda

    So, – Gary Gindler theorises it was all political, that Beijing allowed the Covid-19 outbreak in Hubai Province to gain an overwhelming hold, to spread widely in the capital Wuhan and then throughout the whole Province, so they could lay the blame with, and have an excuse to remove, the powerful and troublesome upstarts in power there!

    Maybe, – but why couldn’t the rebellious and very powerful Hubai faction in control there, suppress the virus themselves?

    We all know China wants World domination and would go to any lengths to achieve their aims. By releasing this virus to the wide World, they have for now, very effectively crippled the powerful Western Economies.

    After the virus infected Hubai Province, Beijing brutally ring-fenced this Province, kept completely ‘mum’, shut down all domestic flights and dispersed their infected people on their multitude of still-functioning international flights.

    I would say , a malevolent and effective start to their overweening ambition!

  2. Funny article. Describes Dalai Lama as “Marxist”! Claims Wuhan was a capital under Chiang Kai Shek (sorry, Nanjing, further south). Seems like the writer had a chat with someone else who might know something about China, got sloshed, and tried to write this article.

    1. “Seems like the writer […] got sloshed […]”

      So you think that rather than having been written by a “Sourced Writer” it was in fact written by a “Sauced Writer”?

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